How To Gain Weight- Easy Way To Gain Weight

How To Gain Weight- A proverb says that Health is Wealth.  So, a good health is an essential things for a man. You can get back your lost money but you can not gain your health if you lost it. Therefore, we have to be sincere to our health. However, you need good body to stay health. Most of the people think that he does not has a huge muscle, he is not healthy. The word is really true. To keep healthy you must have need a good body. There are many people who are very depressed for their body. Actually they are thin and they want to gain their weight. In addition we are going to share how to gain weight with a scientific way.

How To Gain Weight

We want to show you whether you should really  gain or not.  Usually a persons weight depends on his height. Because weight is related with your height. In addition we have made a chart where you should notice the weight of person according to his height. Please take a look here.


Weight Chart For Men


Weight Chart For Women


Note : You must notice the chart which is based on your weight. Then you will consider whether you really need to gain weight or not.

Reasons of thin

There are many reasons for a persons thickness. Scientist have fixed some reasons that affected your body fitness. So, you have tried to share the reasons with you. Please take a look here.

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Hormonal Effect of Human Body :

The Hormones in our body feel a big impact on our body.  The Thyroid Gland of a human body is responsible for your body. So, it means whether you are fat or thin depends on the Thyroid Gland. Therefore, if you have imbalance in your Thyroid Gland then you will either be fat or thin.


Malnutrition is another reason of thickness. The food you eat must be nutritious. So, before eating you need to think about whether the food is nutritious.


Excess Physical works can cause of your thickness. You must eat proper food in that proportion when you overwork. But most of the time we are unable to eat proper food. As a result we are getting unhealthy and getting thinner.



Digestion is the most important reasons of thickness.  When your digestion is working properly, you will feel better. But there is any problem in this system, it will very frightening for you. So, if you are thin, you may have problem with your digestion.


Usually a person can unhealthy due to of sleep. Sometimes we get very frustrated and we are unable to sleep. So, it will another cause of a man thickness.


Resistance From this problems

  • Meet a Hormone Specialist if you have any hormonal problem. Take proper treatment.
  • Make a balanced diet and try to eat healthy food.
  • Take exercise everyday.
  • Try to sleep in a proper time.

Gain Weight through a specific Food Habit

A food habit is the part and parcel to gain a mans weight. But what is a food habit. A food habit is like a routine where will mention what should you eat, when should you eat,  how much you have to eat.  But most of the people do not follow the food habit. As a result they feel many physical problems.

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Eating of Time

Time of Eating is very important. So, scientist have declared that if you eat the same amount of food in morning and at night, your weight will  gain. So, eat more and more food at night.

Drink sufficient Water

Scientists say that 75% of human body is water. So, if you want to gain your weight, you must have to eat sufficient water.

Eat Protein Food

To gain weight you need to eat sufficient amount of protein. Just like Meat, fish, eggs, milk etc. Those are the sources of animal protein.  On the other hand you can also chose vegetable protein.

Dr Jahangir Kabir Diet Chart


Eat Carbohydrate Foods

Carbohydrate will help you to gain weight fast. A scientific study reveals that carbohydrate increases your body fat. So eat some more rice, wheat and such food containing carbohydrate.

Take Fibrous fruit

Fibrous fruits will help you to gain your weight quickly. The fruits which provides fiver can make your body healthy. As a result your weight will gain day by day.

Special Foods To Gain Weight

Milk and Date :

You may know that Dates can gain your weight. But if you eat Milk and Dates in a same time, it will work very fast. So, we suggest you to eat one glass of Hot Milk with 5 Pieces of Dates.


Raisin and Nuts

Raisin & Nuts will help you to gain your weight. Therefore, You should eat 10-15 pieces of raisins and 100g nuts everyday.

Dairy Foods

The Dairy Foods provides a huge amount of protein which will reach you to make fat. So, you must try to eat Dairy Foods daily.

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Final Words

In conclusion we suggest you that you must try those instructions which we mentioned. We hope that your weight can gain. On the other hand gaining the weight is very important. So, you must follow the commands and do it properly. We ensure you that you must success to gain your weight.

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