2 more zebras fall ill at Bangladesh safari park

The medical board of the safari park held another meeting where they discussed the cause, treatment and prevention of the deaths, according to the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

The authorities of the park are taking the necessary steps, as directed by the medical board, a statement from the ministry said.

Dr Md Safiul Ahad Sardar, the director of Central Veterinary Hospital, and Dr Md Golam Azam Chowdhury, the chief scientific officer of Central Disease Investigation Laboratory attended the meeting as specialists.

Previously, the ministry had formed a five-member probe committee to find what caused nine zebras to die in 22 days and to determine their future actions.

After reviewing test results and other facts, experts ruled that five of the zebras died from infections from five kinds of bacterium, while four others died due to fighting each other, Md Jahidul Kabir, project director of the safari park, said on Tuesday.

The bacteria were identified as streptococcus, E Coli, costodium, salmonella and pasteurella. The zebras also ate too much grass, said Jahidul.

The experts initially recommended changing the location where zebras were kept and their water source, vaccinating them, and feeding them high-quality grass grown in the park.

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