Astroneer Update Adds Trains, Plus New Narrative Mysteries And Merch

Astroneer’s latest update is a doozy, adding everyone’s favourite form of transport: The train. If you’ve played Astroneer, you’ll have witnessed first-hand how unreliable cars are (we once spent a stressful hour trying to get a giant rover out of the centre of the planet), but with trains, you’ll be able to zip across ravines, difficult terrain, and boring vistas. You can even make very, very boring rollercoasters. Woo!

Here’s a nice list of some of the things that will be added in the Rails Update:

  • Rail Cars
      • Printed on: Medium Printer
      • Resource Cost: 2 Resin, 1 Aluminum
      • Byte Cost: 1500
      • Power Draw: 1 Power per second
  • Rail Engines
      • Printed on: Medium Printer
      • Resource Cost: 1 Resin, 1 Aluminum, 1 Copper
      • Byte Cost: 1000
      • Power Draw: 3 Power per second
  • Rail Posts
      • Printed on: Small Printer
      • Resource Cost: 1 Resin, 1 Aluminum
      • Byte Cost: 750
      • Bundle Count: 10
  • Rail Junction
      • Printed on: Medium Printer
      • Resource Cost: 2 Aluminum
      • Byte Cost: 1000
      • Bundle Count: 5

You can read more on the Astroneer news blog.

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The update came out on 11th July on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, but not Switch.

“There was a little it of a SNAFU with the Switch version, and we had some bugs that we had to fix, and we didn’t want to ship it and then have to do a hotfix later,” said Joe Tirado, Head of Comms at System Era Softworks, in a dev blog.

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The release date for the update on Nintendo Switch is July 21st “as long as everything goes well”.

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As part of the latest update, Tirado also announced that there would be a limited number of copies of the sold-out Astroneer vinyl available on their store, with the potential for future printings if those sold out, too — which they already have. Sorry.

However, as part of the new merch drop, you can also get a Pilot Wings Pin and a plush of the Sylva Space Snail, which was added to the game in the Xenobiology update.

Let us know if you have built a space-rail empire in your game!

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