TinyBuild Just Paid $3m To Own Surgeon Simulator And I Am Bread


American-European developer and indie publisher TinyBuild announced today that they have acquired the developmental rights for several of Bossa Studios’ IPs, namely Surgeon Simulator, I Am Fish, and I Am Bread. TinyBuild’s stable of games currently includes Potion Craft, Hello Neighbor, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, and Graveyard Keeper.

The deal included a payment of $3 million from TinyBuild to Bossa, and comes in the wake of Bossa Studios deciding to pivot to making co-op PvE instead of goofy sim games.

“Together with TinyBuild, we found a path that allows Bossa to dedicate its full attention to its new projects, while ensuring Surgeon Simulator, I Am Bread and I Am Fish have a new home that understands what makes these games tick as well as we do.”
– Henrique Olifers, Bossa Studios Co-Founder

TinyBuild have also acquired Konfa Games, a Russian studio with a specialist interest in resource management games, for $5.4 million. Their most recent release was Despotism 3K.

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