How to set up a WhatsApp bot for free

Do you know you can also set up a bot in your WhatsApp group? Yes, some developers have come up with a bot that can somewhat be compared to bots on your telegram app. Check out how to set up this bot below is also a process that is nailed how to create a whatsapp bot.

How to set up a WhatsApp bot for free.

WhatsApp is not a platform that doesn’t really allow much customization, unlike its competitor, telegram. Telegram allows group admins to take total control of their groups and even enables bots to help automate processes and ease work for the admin. If you want all those fancy customization and automation, then WhatsApp is definitely not the right place to go. However, some developers have come up with a little solution to this. You can now enable a bot to automate a few processes on your WhatsApp group. how to create a WhatsApp bot, These bots can perform a few functions like:

  • Kicking users.
  • Creating emoji from image or creating stickers from image or short video.
  • Reply users.
  • Many more functions to explore.

The good news is, this bot is totally free and it is also very easy to set up. We have compiled the steps to easily deploy this bot to your WhatsApp group. Follow the steps below to get the bot up and running in your group.

How to create a WhatsApp bot for free: steps to set up.

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