How To Fix Dead by Daylight (DBD) Error Code 8012


There’s just about nothing worse than an error code to ruin your day.

Nothing spoils the fun in a game than getting together with friends, and you get an error code that won’t let you actually play. There are two possibilities to every error code, either something happening from your side of the game or something happening to the servers that you can’t fix. We’re here to tell you how to fix Dead by Daylight Error Code 8012.

Dead by Daylight Error Code 8012 Solutions

Depending on how you look at it, you’re in luck. Error Code 8012 in Dead by Daylight is a purely server-side issue, meaning it’s something that befalls the developer to fix. You don’t have to uninstall your game or do any PC file trickery to fix this specific error.

Though, it is completely possible you could be seeing this error code due to some sort of server hiccup and not through actual server issues. Your best bet is to check the sites that help notify you of issues.

Downdetector is a good start, seeing as it collects reports of issues and can get you the relief of knowing it isn’t just you having issues. You can also try Ping Server Status which directly tells you the online/offline status of Dead by Daylight servers. There is also the option to search up the game on Twitter and see if other people are having issues as well.

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A majority of the time, Dead by Daylight Error Code 8012 is something you won’t be able to fix yourself, so it will come down to patience while the developers restore the servers to perfect working order.

That is everything you need to know when it comes to how to fix Dead by Daylight Error Code 8012. Be sure to check out the links below for other Dead by Daylight content (for when you are able to play it).

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