Who Is The King Of Fanny MLBB? Know The King Of Fanny In MLBB

Who Is The King Of Fanny MLBB?

Jason “King Jasro” Robante, a well-known Philippines streamer and content developer, has been added to Z4 Esports’ roster of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang players. Due to his excellent gaming with the hero Fanny, who has high mobility yet a high skill ceiling, King Jasro is well-known as the “Fanny God / King Of Fanny.” Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso, a pro player for Omega Esports and the owner of the recently founded Z4 Esports, had earlier extended an invitation to the well-known streamer to join his Mobile Legends team, but it had not yet materialized. He won’t be competing as a professional esports player, though; instead, he’ll be the team’s star player and a streamer.

Who Is The King Of MLBB?

King Jasro, a well-known broadcaster, had already been contacted by Omega Esports pro player Z4pnu in July 2021, who had invited him to join his squad. At that time, Z4pnu disclosed that the streamer’s hero pool lacked diversity and that he mostly concentrated on mastering the hero Fanny, making it difficult for them to contemplate hiring him.


The Fanny god is here! We welcome KingJasro, the newest talent of Z4 Esports! Like and follow his page, as well as watch his livestreams for MLBB in-game tutorials, content, and many more! #Z4Esports

Posted by Z4 Esports on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

But King Jasro didn’t actually join his recently founded company, Z4 Esports, until recently. The news that the Fanny God will work for Z4 Esports as their Mobile Legends star was revealed on the company’s official Facebook page.

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King Fanny MLBB

King Jasro is a Mobile Legends streamer and content producer from the Philippines. He was able to build a sizable following thanks to his apparent extroverted charm, regular daily streams, and beneficial beginner tips.

It is also important to note his mastery of the hero Fanny, who has been absent from the meta for a long time because of what appears to be her high skill ceiling and limited advantages in competitive matches.

What kind of material King Jasro will offer fans under the Z4 Esports umbrella will be exciting to see.

Who Is Fanny In MLBB?

Due to her special Steel Cable.png second skill, which grants her unrivalled mobility but requires high skill to pull off, Fanny is infamously known as one of the slickest yet hardest heroes to play in the game. Additionally, her Tornado Strike.png first skill combined with Steel Cable.png second skill and Air Superiority.png passive makes her damage extremely lethal even in the early stages of the game. Fanny is typically used as a jungler who relies primarily on the blue boost to begin spamming her enemies and dispatching them with her ultimate, Cut Throat.png. She is a hero who must live through, as her high level of mechanical expertise, map awareness, and quick dexterity make her more likely to be a burden than a powerhouse.

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