Where to Start & Complete a Lap Around Boat Race Circuit in Fortnite No Sweat Summer


This is probably one of the most laid back video game boat races ever.

With this being the second day of No Sweat Summer, the next challenge has been unlocked. While the previous ones were an easy landing and No Sweat Sign delivery, you’ll now have to test your captain abilities. Here’s where to start and complete a lap around the No Sweat Summer Boat Race Circuit in Fortnite.

Starting Boat Race Circuit

Just as with taking the No Sweat Sign to the Sponsorship location, the Boat Race Circuit is in the big body of water east of Sanctuary. You don’t need anyone else doing this with you, it is perfectly fine to complete it solo.

No Sweat Summer Boat Race Circuit Start

You’ll want to make your way to this cluster of platforms in the water. You don’t necessarily have to bring your own boat, there are a couple already at the starting line. It’s pretty easy to find as not only does it clearly appear on the map, but there’s a gas pump icon over it on the minimap as well.

No Sweat Summer Boat Race Circuit Countdown

Wait a small distance in front of this sign as it counts down from 15. It is important you wait as the challenge description clearly states that you complete a lap “after the countdown.”

No Sweat Summer Boat Race Circuit Rings

Once the race has started, follow the rings, the one with a lit-up rim will always be your next objective.

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While there doesn’t seem to be a time requirement for completing the circuit, beware of the ramps. They are poorly placed, and if you come at them when the water level dips, you will simply slam into the base and lose all speed. While it doesn’t get in the way of finishing the challenge, it is certainly annoying.

That’s everything you need to know about where to start and complete a lap around the No Sweat Summer Boat Race Circuit in Fortnite. Be sure to check back tomorrow as we bring you a guide for the next No Sweat Summer challenge when it unlocks.

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