How to Get Islander’s Cowries in FFXIV Island Sanctuary


Here’s how to get Islander’s Cowries in FFXIV.

With the release of patch 6.2, Final Fantasy XIV players will finally get to cultivate their very own island in the new Island Sanctuary mode. There are quite a few rewards to get here, and some new currencies to earn as well. Here’s how to get Islander’s Cowries in FFXIV Island Sanctuary.

Getting Islander’s Cowries in FFXIV Island Sanctuary

Not to be confused with the Seafarer’s Cowries, Islander’s Cowries are kind of like the more basic currency you can earn in Island Sanctuary. There’s pretty much only way to get them, and that’s by selling goods and produce to the Enterprising Exporter NPC on your island.

Once you’ve constructed the cozy cabin, you can speak with the Enterprising Exporter to start selling items you’ve harvested from your own island. You’ll notice that most of the random materials you pick up from the ground won’t sell for much, but produce will yield a higher profit.

enterprising exporter in ffxiv
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To that end, you’ll want to make sure that you’re always planting seeds and harvesting crops at the cropland. Once the crops mature, you can sell them for a nice profit, though don’t forget to set some aside from crafting as well.

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What Islander’s Cowries are For

The items you can purchase with Islander’s Cowries aren’t quite as appealing as the ones you can buy with Seafarer’s Cowries, but they’re still useful nonetheless.

From the cozy cabin, speak with the Horrendous Hoarder to spend your Cowries on various items such as Glamour Prisms and Dispellers, crafting and gathering materia, and cordials. These are all useful items for your crafting and gathering classes, but if they’re not a priority, you could probably skip farming the Islander’s Cowries for now.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Islander’s Cowries in FFXIV Island Sanctuary. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including our Storm’s Crown trial guide and Fell Court of Troia dungeon guide.

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