Metal Soldiers 2 2.84 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) Download

Upgrade weapons and buy the best tanks with the money available in Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK version (Unlimited Money) provided by APKMODY.

Play365 is one of the famous game developers. Their games are not only successful on the PC platform but also on Android. They have many hit products. Among them, the most prominent is Metal Soldiers 2. This game is quite similar to the game “Contra”. You are once again brought back to life with memories of your childhood, play as a soldier and defeat all enemies on the battlefield.


Metal Soldiers 2 tells about a soldier’s fight against the invasion. His teammates have fallen, and now he is alone. With courage, he will regain the captured bases and drive all enemies from his country.

Metal Soldiers 2 mod apk

Speaking of gameplay, Metal Soldiers 2 organizes challenges according to levels. Each level is a base that the player needs to defeat all enemies to regain.

For the most part, the mission of each level is to defeat all enemies. Some levels are more special when the time is limited, or require you to rescue the hostages that are being kidnapped.

To complete the mission, the system provides the character with a pistol by default. Although its firepower was not high, it was suitable for the first challenges. There are only a few squad-type enemies, it’s not hard for you to take them down and win.

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Metal Soldiers 2 has 120 levels, with gradually increasing difficulty. New enemies appear with their attack methods that become unpredictable. Paratroopers, for example, can fire bullets in a diagonal direction, and shoot very far. If you don’t destroy them early, you will be in a dangerous position.

Besides, bombers, grenade parachutes and heavy tanks and armored vehicles. All of this is a real scare when you only have the pistol and the MP5 guns.

Metal Soldiers 2 for android

When the game pushes the difficulty higher, you also need to equip yourself with the most powerful weapons. They are mortars, rockets and bombs. Their damage is very high, but the ammo is finite and they don’t appear much on the map. However, you can buy some weapons in the store, or even buy an armored vehicle, or a Mech Robot to fight the enemies.

In addition, the game also offers some random equipment. They are hidden in barrels, and you can find them on the way. So try to destroy all the barrels you meet along the way, maybe you will get powerful guns.

Boosters and Powerups

There are five types of Boosters and Powerups, including Shield, Super Jump, Fast Fire, Super Speed and Money Maker. They can be upgraded maximized to level 4. As a result, the character will receive more advantages in the battle.

Metal Soldiers 2 screenshot

With 120 levels, you will probably have to pay attention to this feature. Smooth controlling is part of your victory, but if the character is not fast enough or strong enough, you will have a lot of difficulty in surviving the rain of enemy bullets.

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If you feel the default character has become boring, you can change to another character when visiting the game store. The game offers you more than 10 types of characters with very unique looks. Experience as a mercenary like Chuck, a sniper-like Jackie, a tanker like Taked or a feminine assassin like Saber J.

Endless Mode

In addition to the storyline experience, you can experience the endless mode for added drama. In this mode, the only thing that is limited is time. But that’s not a real problem, as items constantly appear to add time (usually 20 seconds).

The real issue that you need to be concerned with is that the enemies you face are diverse. They tend to increase in number and in combat skills. And the system will notify you of the pros and cons of each new enemy type when the difficulty is raised one level.

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Lives

With two MOD features in the MOD version we provide, you can shop for characters, upgrade Booster and Powerups, shop for items, and infinitely revive in battle.

Metal Soldiers 2 is an exciting 2D shooting game. You will experience the journey to chase away enemies invading your country, as a lucky soldier who surviving after the sweep. Download the game and join the battle now!

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