Would you sell your soul? 1.1.24 APK + MOD (Free Premium Choices)

Would you sell your soul? MOD APK is an interactive story game. It is so attractive, especially for those who love topics of psychology, ghosts, and spirituality.

Introduce about Would you sell your soul?

How much is your soul worth?

The game is as classic as any interactive novel game on mobile. You still need to read the story, follow the progress, and make decisions and change the outcome for your character. But this time, you will see a completely different story. It doesn’t simply revolve around love triangles or romantic situations that are too classic and boring anymore. Everything has turned into an adventure in the spiritual world full of demons and dark forces.

Humans have many desires

Humanity is weak. And because of weakness, they always want to be given, protected and caressed by others. The Devil took advantage of this to capture small souls, turning them into terrible power for himself. The more souls voluntarily surrender, the stronger the demon will be. And to some point, the whole world will be completely under the hands of the demon lord. Beliefs from thousands of generations of all cultures have the same theory. And the general idea in Would you sell your soul? is also similar.

Whatever the reason and whether it is reasonable or not, all had the same nature: to sell their souls for something that they thought was worth their souls. For example, as sincerely as a guy sells his soul to save his wife’s life. Or as despicable as the lazy man who is willing to sell his soul for a large amount of money to pay off his gambling debts and take revenge on the haters, then live richly for the rest of his life. 

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There are no angels or God or Buddha to help people. It is the devil that will come in these situations when the desire in you is big enough. As soon as you summon or invoke the demon, he (or his loyal henchman) will appear within seconds, and a deal begins.


Our main character, the unlucky girl who just was struggling because of being horned by her lover, crossed the street and was suddenly hit by a car and died.

Thought it was the only unlucky fate. But at that very moment, appearing in front of her was a man dressed in black with a mysterious face. He began to say strange words, “If you are my assistant, I will bring your soul back to your body and you may live to make a new life.”

Well. Her life is not yet done. Although she was dead, she was still unlucky. That man was the devil, and the sweet offer was actually a contract to sell her soul to the devil.

But she had no other choice. Otherwise, the game wouldn’t have an excuse to start.

So, the long story began. You, as the girl, officially become a beautiful assistant of the demon guy. I don’t know if he will force you to do something terrible. And finally, even if you do a good job, will he keep his word and give you a new life?


Would you sell your soul? is divided into several chapters, each chapter is named corresponding to the content that happens in it. For example, Chapter 1 is “Would you sell your soul?”, Chapter 2 is “Devil’s assistant”, and Chapter 3 is “Value of the soul”… Each chapter is full of unexpected events, revolving around the young girl’s experiences as an assistant. 

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From an immature newbie at the first mission, you are surprised by multi-face people and gradually become a professional demon assistant, handling the job neatly and decisively. Or you can turn yourself into a shy girl, always passive in all situations and never complete the assigned task, leading to frustration and anger of the demon guy.

Each situation that opens always puts you at the do’s and don’ts, ethics and defiance, sympathy and responsibility, conscience and ego. With each choice, you will gradually create a personality for the character, taking a place in the heart of the man who is attractive but the embodiment of the other devil.

An “indispensable spice” for any interactive story game is the romantic relationship between the characters. And Would you sell your soul? is no exception. It can be the relationship between the demon assistant and the cold demon guy. Between her and one of his future victims, there will also be an invisible emotional cord, opening up more thrilling and confusing details for all. Remember, the choice is all yours, and you will make your own decisions in the way that you think is best.

MOD APK version of Would you sell your soul?

MOD features

  • Free Premium Choices
  • Free Premium Outfit

Download Would you sell your soul? APK & MOD for Android

The game has a beautiful interactive storyline, a different and attractive story, many details to choose from and make tormenting decisions. I find it very enjoyable to play. If you are a fan of the interactive world but also love romance novels with spiritual elements, please come here.

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