“It’s trying to pretend something that it’s not”

Twitter reacts to the fake Marina at Miami GP. The organizers of the Miami GP have added fake water to create imagery of Miami’s

The organizers of the Miami Grand Prix seem to have drawn inspiration from the glitz and glamour of the Monaco Grand Prix, whilst also looking to recognize Miami’s own beachfront. Resident objections prevented them from being able to incorporate the marina as they would have wished. The faux marina they have gone for instead was perhaps their attempt to recognize that heritage.

Fans however have not been too kind to the idea. There have been hilarious memes circulating over the internet and the concept certainly seems to have backfired.

Fans react to the fake Marina at Miami Grand Prix on Twitter

Fans are baffled by the images of the ‘fake Marina’ at the Miami GP circuit.

“In case they win, McLaren are going to take their own marina, Lando Norris has been busy testing it this week. #MiamiGP”, tweeted a fan who is evidently seeing the funny side to it.

“As an American F1 fan, it just feels like this race isn’t for us. It’s for celebrities and Instagrammers. It’s projecting a fake version of Miami to satisfy a European audience who don’t know the race is being held in a middling suburb.Fortunately us real fans still have COTA”, wrote a fan who is clearly not impressed by the idea.

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Most fans echoed similar opinions over the issue. While some fans were busy making memes out of it, others believe the Miami GP doesn’t really need a fake representation to satisfy international audience.

“It’s trying to pretend that it’s something it’s not. It’s don’t need a fake marina, it needs stands. For more than 20 people to watch on some poxy boats when you could get 1000 people plus in the area. Bringing new sport to the area but excluding those who aren’t they wealthy”, tweeted another fan.

The meme game has been super strong and twitter has treated us to some hilarious content. “the miami race winner trying to jump into the fake marina” –

Another memer tweeted, “Me after paying $2,000 for a standing ticket #MiamiGP” –

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