How To Win Prom Jester in The Sims 4 High School Years


Here’s what you need to do to win The Sims 4 Prom Jester.

Want to know how to win Prom Jester in High School Years? We’ll tell you a few techniques you can use in The Sims 4, such as doing mischievous actions and what skill you need to acquire this title. Furthermore, we’ll explain how to get the exclusive CAS (Create A Sim) item in this latest debut.

How To Win Prom Jester in High School Years

If you want to win Prom Jester in The Sims 4, you must do the social interactions that involve the Mischief trait, such as setting up pranks in the toilets and creating funny doodles on the whiteboard.

Unlocking the Prom Jester title in The Sims 4
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Your primary mission is to cause mayhem around Copperdale High and build up the Mischief skill as much as possible. In return, your Sim will have more options to explore, like being able to plant a stink bomb in a locker.

Once you’ve maximized the trait and gained a reputation in school, you should be able to win Prom Jester in High School Years. However, players should know that the voting system is often randomized and may not result in winning, in spite of doing all the requirements for this role.

But don’t worry, there are other options you can do if you get frustrated with this Prom mechanic. First, you can play as Malcolm Landgraab to acquire the title since he seems to be the character that wins the most at the event. The second method is to play as two teenagers in the same household, where you can essentially vote for yourself and become Prom Jester.

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Those who participate in the event with one Sim won’t be able to vote for their own character, so that’s why it’s essential to bring someone else along for the ride. In addition, you can hit two birds with one stone by using your other vote to receive the Prom Royalty title.

How to Get the Jester Hat in Create A Sim

How to get the Jester Hat CAS item
Source: Maxis Studios via Twinfinite

When you eventually win Prom Jester in High School Years, you’ll be rewarded the Jester Hat in the game’s CAS. Players can also use a faster method to get this new item by searching the words “CAS Unlock” in the Gallery tab of The Sims 4 and downloading the special character from the menu.

As a result, you can place this Sim into your family, and you will now have access to all locked clothing, including other items from famous packs of the game.

That’s everything you need to know about how to win Prom Jester in High School Years. If you want more content about The Sims 4, check out the relevant links below and view our guide that lists all the Build Mode items in the newest pack.

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