How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account In 2022

We deal with mostly tech content on our site Alitech blog which is related to tech and when we talk about technology it’s entails many things both the hacking aspect and other, due to what we offer our viewers they always come to our inbox on telegram and WhatsApp even Facebook that we should help them recover there hacked Facebook account which we just find the best ways and suitable steps in which you can use and learn how to recover hacked Facebook account we call it 2022 working method which is tested and it’s actually working.

Before we go ahead and share this post we’ve tested this method on different kinds of Facebook account that were hacked by do fraudsters so call their self hacker that use some tricks to gain access to people’s account and the go-ahead to change their Facebook log-in details and others so the account proves to have been hacked by then by don’t worry we’ve got you covered if you are located or lead to this article on how to recover hacked Facebook account.

how to retrieve hacked Facebook account with phone number

We actually write different kinds of articles on how you can save your Facebook account from gotten hacked, ways which hackers use in hacking Facebook account and how you can notice if your friends Facebook account has been hacked (how to retrieve hacked facebook account with phone number) so that you won’t fall victim which is too bad it’s will be good and recommend by us to check does the previous post that talked about Facebook account hack although for you will be able to learn more and not get your own Facebook account being hacked.

Now we go straight to what brings about this article but there’ is something to put into consideration before we move forward to the main part of this article I will recommend you should do when your Facebook account has been hacked and which will be way’s that will let you recover your Facebook account either with mail or without mail and with the phone number or without phone number. We firstly move ahead to block the hacked Facebook account.

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What to do When you discovered Your or friend Facebook account is hacked

This guide is mostly the first thing you should do when you discover your Facebook account has been hacked which involves you don’t or can’t gain access to the account again.

This involves blockage of the hacked Facebook account which can be done by letting your friend know in any means that your account has been hacked that they should go ahead and report the account as being hacked which will lose the power or straight the hacker has on the account.

Facebook has a page that contains a report sheet of hacked Facebook accounts so tell your noble friends to go ahead and report the account on the page and let them be up to five to ten people when they are making the report to Facebook account hacked page.

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account With Email And Phone Number

As we said earlier you should inform your friends that reporting the hacked Facebook account actually is not necessary just to inform Facebook so that they can hold and block the account so that the account won’t be useless because the hacker might be smart and implement many changes before you take further action let’s proceed.

  1. The first thing to do is to visit this page ( The Facebook Compromised account report pageThe Facebook Compromised account report page) .
  2. Then select the option for the account being compromised.
  3. Now go ahead to input the username name that is current on the account or likely the phone number or email if you notice the change of the email and phone number.
  4. Then Facebook we run a quick search for related accounts after you get your result click on your account.
  5. After that Facebook will ask you to provide the password that you have made use of for the account before, you can input anyone you’ve made use of before either old or new likely current one too.
  6. You will be notified that you just input an old password view and a pop up message on same page.
  7. There is a button there stating that you should change or reset your password go ahead and click on the button.
  8. You will also find a button there that will be stating that maybe you no longer have access to the mail on the account, which will stop the reset password mail to be sent to the hackers Facebook mail then go ahead and make selection on the button too.
  9. A box will be provided to input the email that you will like to receive password reset mail to go ahead and provide the mail and make the mail as your primary email.
  10. Click on send and the password reset link will be sent to the email you provide above which the hacker won’t receive such mail from the email he might attached to your hacked Facebook account.

Note: in the first step if the username you input is not being searched with any related account to yours go ahead and use your old phone number attached to the account or email ( when I said old means the hacker has already changed the details and log-in details of your account).

How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account Without E-mail And Phone Number

This guide is for people that strictly and have already attached email to their Facebook account before it’s got hacked by the hacker and it’s will be recommended for does that do that have email on their account before it’s being hacked if you don’t have an email attached to your Facebook account it’s better to follow the guide here on how to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked by Hackers which will teach you several ways on how you can secure your Facebook account well and it’s recommended to send it to your friends so that you can all be on safe hand now will proceed.

  1. If email has been attached to your Facebook account before the hacker changes your details on it you will be notified of changes made on your account view the email that was attached.
  2. Now visit your email and find the mail that was used to notify you and hit on the button your secure account.
  3. You will be redirected to a page to change your password or fill some other form to ensure your account is safe.
  4. Part of the form entails for you to identify some picture of your recently added Facebook friends or old Facebook friends and more.
  6. For us we go for the selection or identification of our Facebook friends then we go ahead and identify upto five of our hacked or your hacked Facebook account.
  7. How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account
  8. After the identification of the Facebook friends for confirmation, you will be redirected to the next page to review your account for change made on it.
  9. From there you can go ahead to delete or make deletion of the hacker details both phone number email and others.
  10. How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account
  11. When you are done reviewing your account what else is to proceed and by following the steps appropriately you will be redirected to your Facebook account page.
  12. Which entails you have successfully recovered your hacked Facebook account from the hacker without email or phone number.
  13. How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

In case your account has been hacked and you don’t know what to do or you are Confused in following some steps or procedures on this page then go ahead to join us on telegram and contact the admin for any help or u you use any suitable social media that suit you using the social media button below article.

Let’s hear from you if this article really helps you to recover a hacked Facebook account or recover hacked Facebook I’d.

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