How did Dave Hebner die? Cause of Death Explained

Dave Hebner was a member of the wrestling community in the United States and competed professionally. His death occurred when he was 73 years old. Let’s talk about how Dave Hebner passed away, what transpired, and what the official cause of death was.

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Dave Hebner Cause of Death

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) referee Dave Hebner passed away at the age of 73. The news was first shared by Hebner’s nephew, Brian Hebner, on the Reffin’ It Up podcast, and then it was shared on other social media platforms. “Dave Hebner, rest in peace. Even though he is not here with us anymore, we will never stop remembering him.

I have always been the center of adoration. Brian, the son of Dave’s twin brother Earl Hebner, did not identify the reason for his father’s passing at this time; however, recent photographs, particularly one from a visit with NASCAR driver Hermie Sadler, suggest that he had been struggling with health difficulties for some time prior to his passing (via WrestlingInc). During this dreadful time, we are keeping the Hebner family and their loved ones in our thoughts.

Dave Hebner’s Career

In the latter half of the 1970s, Hebner started refereeing professional wrestling matches in the region surrounding Richmond, Virginia. Two of the most well-known matches that he refereed for the World Wrestling Federation were Randy Savage’s bouts against Ricky Steamboat at WrestleMania III and Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania V. Both of these matches took place at WrestleMania.

Former WWE Referee Dave Hebner Dead at Age 73

On the episode of WWF The Main Event that aired on February 5, 1988, he was tasked with the responsibility of refereeing a match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship between Hulk Hogan and André the Giant. The match was for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship.

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André was successful in defeating Hulk Hogan after Hebner’s twin brother Earl impersonated Ted DiBiase and locked Hogan’s opponent, Dave, in a closet.

Earl Hebner instantly called to three as André pinned Hogan, despite the fact that Hogan’s shoulder had been elevated. As a direct result of this, André was granted first place in the competition and the WWF Championship. Both of the Hebners were awarded a bonus of $2,500 for their performance in the fight.

Dave Hebner’s WWF

Before WrestleMania IV, the WWF attempted to expand the “evil twin” referee plot by releasing a kayfabe “investigative report” in the promotion’s official publication, WWF Magazine. This was done in an effort to further the “evil twin” referee storyline.

The article concocted a fictitious history for Dave, claiming that he had been victimized on multiple occasions by Earl’s indiscretions committed in Dave’s name ever since they were children. The allegation centered on Dave’s youth.

Dave Hebner disclosed in an interview with WWF Raw Magazine in 2001 that the angle was swiftly dropped after Earl kicked him, causing him to shatter his ribs, and as a result, he needed medical attention (as part of the aftermath of the Hogan-Andre match during The Main Event).

As a direct consequence of this, the storyline was altered so that Earl would reveal his true identity, and he served as the referee at WrestleMania IV when Randy Savage won the WWF Championship by defeating Ted DiBiase.

Dave Hebner’s Retirement

After having knee replacement surgery, Hebner decided to leave his position as a referee and pursue a career as a road agent instead. He held the position of Road Agent up to July 2005, when he was let go because his contract had expired.

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Hebner made his first appearance on TNA Impact! on the program that aired on December 17, 2005. He did so when he walked out onto the stage during a bout that was being contested between Team 3D and The Diamonds in the Rough. Hebner served as the manager of The Lumberjacks of MMWA Wrestling during the years 2012 to 2023.

Personal Details Regarding Dave Hebner

Rebecca and Hebner have been married for 43 years, making their anniversary this year. Both Dave’s identical twin brother Earl and Earl’s son Brian are involved in the wrestling and refereeing industries. Hebner struggled with difficulties brought on by Parkinson’s illness.

In July of 2016, a class-action lawsuit was brought against WWE. The lawsuit alleged that the company “routinely neglected to care” for performers who suffered “long-term neurological impairments,” and that the company “fraudulently misrepresented and concealed” the nature and extent of those injuries. Hebner was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, and the lawsuit was filed in his name.

The case was handled by attorney Konstantine Kyros, who has been involved in a number of other cases against WWE. In September 2018, United States District Judge Vanessa Lynne Bryant issued an order dismissing the claim.

In Remembrance of Dave Hebner, a Tribute

Matt Hardy remarked,

RIP Dave Hebner – You and @TheEarlHebner have always been so nice and supportive toward Jeff and I. We really appreciate it. I have plenty of love for the entire Hebner family. Your family and friends are in my thoughts at this difficult time. Godspeed, Dave.

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Allie stated,

R.I.P. Dave Hebner. Twin brother of WWE, TNA and AEW referee Earl Hebner. In the same capacity as his brother, he was also a referee, and the two of them were frequently involved in the same plotlines.

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