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In the Nigerian film industry, Bruno Iwuoha has been acclaimed for his outstanding work abilities. This Nigerian Actor has cast in popular movies named Fire on the Mountain, No-Nonsense, and Why Not? Besides, he was awarded 2007 awards in Sins of Flesh for the Best Supporting Actor role. Over the years, this man has had many followers and fans to inspire him for his work. He’s been an influential foundation of the Nollywood Industry. However, on April 10, 2022, he took his last breath and left us all fighting against Diabetes. The death of actor Bruno Iwuoha has shrunk his followers’ hearts.

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Bruno Iwuoha Personal Life Summery

Born in Nigeria, Bruno Iwuoha was Nigeria’s most popular TV & Film star. He finished secondary school education in his native land. He attended a Nigerian St. Edward’s Secondary School and Ahmadu Bello University for his college education. Bruno Iwuoha was a well-known Nollywood actor who appeared in several films before his death. He earned the Africa Movie Academy’s Best Actor Award. On 10 March 2022, he died at the age of 68. Before his death, he eventually got hospitalized at a hospital in the United States. Then he stated to the press that he was not blind as Nollywood people were thinking of him. His eyes got slightly damaged due to Glaucoma medical care. However,  he could see, even read anything without glasses. His colleagues and Social Media Workers confirmed the news of his death.

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Career Life Summery

Bruno Iwuoha has mainly been an actor all his life. He didn’t enter the film industry at an early age but later. Since he entered the Nollywood industry, he has proved to be a veteran actor. Some top-rated films that he has starred in, Sins of the Flesh, Occultic Battle, Double Mind, Two Bad Boys, etc. Throughout his journey in Nollywood, he has succeeded in winning a lot of people’s hearts. Bruno Iwuoha was passionate about his work. He once said in an interview that he was involved in these activities during his secondary school. There he led the Atilogu dramatic society. After that, he got a role in the film “lost kingdom,” he started building his career in this field. He proved himself to be a talented actor and one of Nollywood’s pioneers, known for delivering brilliant performances and making significant contributions to its growth and development.

Bruno Iwuoha Biography Overview

  • Bruno Iwuoha’s real name is Chief Bruno ObinnaIwuoha.
  • Approximately his net worth is about 5 million dollars.
  • He received the support actor award for his film ‘Sins of the Flesh’ at the 3rd AMAA (Africa Movie Academy Awards) Event.
  • His birthdate is 6 October 1952.
  • He was hospitalized at the last period of his life.

Bruno Iwuoha Net Worth

In Nollywood, BeunoIwuoha is a power to be reckoned with. He has attained a lot of assets and power through his work and connections. He achieved an estimated net worth of 500,000 million dollars. With all that power, he is considered a legend and one of the world’s wealthiest people.

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