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MLB The Show 22 brings baseball back to PlayStation and Xbox, and for the first time, the Switch as well. One aspect that new Xbox players will be sure to enjoy is that MLB The Show 22 provides players with a wealth of different ways to hit the ball and tailor their gameplay experience. You aren’t locked into one way; in fact, there are quite a few different options. While the answer to the question, what is the best hitting settings and hitting view in MLB The Show 22 is certainly subjective and based on personal preference, I’ll give you my advice as a six-year + veteran of the series.

Best Hitting Settings in MLB The Show 22

best hitting settings view mlb the show 22

First, let’s go over the different hitting settings options you have at your disposal in MLB The Show 22.

  • Directional – Use the left stick to focus inside/outside plus the swing button.
  • Pure Analog – use the right stick to swing.
  • Zone – Use the left stick to aim plus the swing button

What you’re going to see most people using – and is also the hitting setting that we think is best here at Twinfinite – is the Zone setting. Zone gives you the most direct control over the outcome of the at-bat and, while still affected by a player’s stats, gives you the best possible chance to get a good result provided you’re executing.

Zone hitting maps a PCI to your left stick that you can use to lineup your swing based on the pitch that you’re seeing. Your goal is to aim the PCI so that the ball is at the dead center of it. This will give you the best chance to get Perfect, Perfect contact, and power.

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We’d also recommend making sure that the PCI Anchor setting is turned on, and that your ‘Hitting Difficulty’ is lowered. Doing so will make it way easier to hit the ball within the given timeframe, making it easier to hit home runs or reach different bases.

You can use either the Buttons or Right Analog stick to swing, both of which can be flipped on/off via the Hitting Settings. Personally, I prefer Button. That’s just what I’m used to after years of playing baseball games before analog sticks were even a thing though, so it’s your call there.

The other hitting settings, Pure Analog and Directional, give you a little less control over the outcome, at least in my experience. All the same, don’t be afraid to experiment and see which one you like best. Ultimately, the best hitting setting is the one that you play best with. It’s as simple as that.

Finally, make sure you’re paying attention to the ‘swing details’ listed on the left-hand side of the screen after each swing. This will explain to you how good your swing was and general areas you can improve in future.

Best Hitting View

Speaking for myself, I generally experiment with the various Strike Zone options. At the end of the day, until the ball is hit, nothing else other than the ball and the strike zone matter. The strike zone cameras give you the clearest look at the ball and its movement so you can give yourself a better chance to see the ball and react quickly.

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Once again, though, whatever allows you to hit the ball better is the best hitting view. That said, you’ll most often see members of the MLB The Show 22 rocking one of the Strike Zone hitting view camera options.

That’s all for the best hitting settings and hitting view in MLB The Show 22. For more tips, tricks, and news, check out our other helpful articles tied to the game below.

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