Beekeeping Sim APICO Gets Brand New Trailer To Celebrate Switch Launch

APICO is out today, bringing beekeeping, honey-making, hive-swapping goodness to the Nintendo Switch. In celebration of the news, we’ve got an exclusive early sneak peek at the trailer so you can bee ready.

The game combines resource gathering, biology, and mini-games that are all inspired by real bee facts, teaching you how to maintain a healthy hive, create a bee-friendly garden, and cross-breed species to save the bees. Bee puns are the order of the day, it seems, and you all know we love a pun.

“The reception to APICO so far is bee-yond what we could have hoped for. Now that the Switch version is in people’s hands, we hope that APICO’s bee conservation messaging will spread even further and promote a lot more good in the world.” — Dr Matthew White, CEO of Whitethorn Games

There will also be cross-play with up to four players, letting you play with friends on PC and Switch.

APICO is out today on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $19.99.

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