Video: YouTuber’s Switch OLED Screen Still Standing After 7,000 Hours

Image: Nintendo Life / Damien McFerran

Way back in March of this year we reported on one YouTuber’s quest to test the limits of the Switch OLED’s screen as he left the console running for 3,600 hours. Well, we are pleased to say that Bob Wulff’s experiment over on his YouTube channel, Wulff Den, has continued, with the console now racking up an astonishing 7,000 hours of continuous screen time.

Demonstrating the effects of such a display marathon in a new YouTube Short, Wulff has shown us that while the burn-in from his last update remains in place, the console is far from giving up yet. In fact, the pixel shadow has been such a small issue that it is only visible on very light or very dark screens.

Wulff’s Switch OLED has remained on the same image of a Breath of the Wild shrine for around 10 months now, with the pixel burn-in only happening in areas which display extremely bright lights.

At his last update of 3,600 hours, Wulff predicted that the console would only have around 1,800 hours left before the pixel burn-in became ‘game-breaking’, and yet today shows this end-of-life timeframe expanded by almost double the original estimate.

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Those determined to ruin their Switch OLEDs by leaving it on the same bright screen for the best part of a year may need to wait longer for true game-ending results, but for those of you who turn your screen off at the end of use (you strange folk, you), your OLED quality is going to be just fine.

You can check out the Short over on Wulff Den’s YouTube channel.

How is your Switch OLED holding up so far? Have you had any screen troubles? Let us know in the comments!

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