SEGA’s Online UK Store Expands Its Range Of Sonic Sleepwear

Image: SEGA

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like Sonic in the bedroom, living room, or any other room around the house, Sega’s online UK store has a new selection of loungewear and sleepwear garments available for pre-order. You know, for when you want to advertise your Sonic fandom in a subtle, sophisticated way.

In addition to its existing line of robes and slippers, Sega has added a hooded Sonic robe with spines and some rubber-soled red slippers, too (thanks, Nintendo Wire). Perfect for quickly covering your modesty when you’ve gotta go fast to the kitchen or the front door to catch the postman before he leaves with your latest gaming purchase.

Check out some shots from the online store below:

These items are available for pre-order right now with an estimated October shipping date. The robe is £54.99, the bigger slippers are £19.99 while the smaller slip-ons are £16.99.

Let us know below if you’ll adding any of these items to cart and spicing up your sleepwear, Sonic-style.

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