New Pokémon Pikachu Build-A-Bear Plushies Announced

Pikachu Plush
Image: Build-A-Bear, Pokémon

To celebrate 25 years of the Build-A-Bear line, two new Pokémon Pikachu plush have been announced. They’ve got different types of jackets – one is ‘Sparkly Fur’ and the other is ‘Winking Face’.

They’re both $76.00 / £61.00 and are available now online, with in-store versions coming soon:

Included with each set is the 25th celebration Pikachu with sound, a varsity jacket, and a sleeper outfit. Here’s the description from the official Build-A-Bear website:

“This adorable Pikachu plush is a must-have addition to any Pokémon Trainer’s team! Pikachu was the first Pokémon plush ever released at Build-A-Bear Workshop, and this beloved Electric-type Pokémon is now available in a special limited edition for the Build-A-Bear 25th Celebration. This winking Pokémon plush has sparkly yellow fur, a lightning bolt-shaped tail, and a silver paw pad with a 25th Celebration Collection emblem. In addition to its 6-in-1 sound, this exclusive Pikachu plush comes with its red Pokémon varsity jacket and sleeper included to complete this collector’s bundle.”

Will you be adding either or both of these Pikachu to your Build-A-Bear plushie collection? Comment below.

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