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What do we call Ration in English?

a limited amount of something that one person is allowed to have, especially when there is not much of it available: During the war, no one was allowed more than their ration of food, clothing and fuel. rations [ plural ]

What is the meaning of rations?

1a : a food allowance for one day. b rations plural : food, provisions. 2 : a share especially as determined by supply. ration. verb.

How do you pronounce rashan?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Rashan. Raa-SHAE-N. 0 rating rating ratings. Nicolette Truter.
  2. Meanings for Rashan. It is a Masculine name that means Peaceful. 0 rating rating ratings.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Brian Burns or Rashan Gary. 0 rating rating ratings.
  4. Translations of Rashan. Russian : Рашан 0 rating rating ratings.

How do you say ratio in words?

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