Fans call for Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva after Spider’s latest bout

Anderson Silva was in an exhibition bout against Bruno Machado and Jake Paul kept a close eye on the fight 

Jake Paul was quick to call out Anderson Silva after the latter’s performance against Bruno Machado.

Anderson Silva Boxing
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Anderson Silva (MMA FIGHTING)

Silva was on The Global Titans Fight Series and participated in an exhibition bout. The former UFC Middleweight Champion might be 47, but he still packed a punch.

While there was no winner of this bout because it was an exhibition, Silva excelled and even racked up a knockdown. 

Silva got the only knockdown of the night, on a card that even featured Floyd Mayweather. The former UFC Champion is 3-1 in his professional boxing career with a win over Tito Ortiz in his last outing in 2021.

Paul, who is looking for his next boxing match, was quick to call out Silva and Mayweather. He even claimed that he could beat both of them on the same night.

Will Jake Paul fight Anderson Silva next?

The 25-year-old is 5-0 in his professional boxing career. His last fight was a KO win over former UFC Champion Tyron Woodley.

Paul has made a name for himself after knocking out all of his professional rivals in the boxing ring. He has been looking to add another name to his list and it is to be seen who he fights next.

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The issue with all of Paul’s opponents has been their lack of boxing expertise. Sure, he knocked out former MMA champions Ben Askren and Woodley but they also weren’t great boxers.

Also, the pair were older than Paul, and that has been a criticism levelled against the YouTuber. Nevertheless, many are also calling for a fight between Paul and Silva. The Brazilian might be 47 but it seems he can more than hold his own in the ring. 

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