Best Mario Kart Games Of All Time

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Back when Nintendo announced the very first Mario Kart game in the early ’90s, there were some in the industry who proclaimed it as a sign that the veteran firm had finally lost its marbles. Sure, Mario had appeared in other games, but his forte was 2D platformers – he had no place on the racing track, and Super Mario Kart was initially viewed as a questionable attempt to shoe-horn the famous mascot into a genre where he simply didn’t belong. As you might expect, when these same nay-sayers actually got to play it, they changed their tune.

Since then, Mario Kart has become one of Nintendo’s most successful properties and has sold in excess of 160 million copies worldwide across all titles. But, you may well ask, which one is best? That’s not an easy question to answer in a series of solid gold console classics, so we turned to you, dear readers, to rate and rank every game in the series.

Before you ask, no we’ve not included the arcade entries, because we like being stubborn traditionalists at Nintendo Life). We have added the mixed reality racer Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and the mobile-only Mario Kart Tour, though. We’ve also lumped both Mario Kart 8 and its Deluxe Switch upgrade together to keep things tidy.

Remember: the order below is updated in real-time according to each game’s corresponding User Rating in the Nintendo Life game database. Even as you read this, it’s entirely possible to influence the ranking below. If you haven’t rated your favourites yet, simply click the ‘star’ of the game you wish to rate below and assign a score right now.

So stash those banana skins and start those karts — it’s time to hit the track and see who ends up on the podium…

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (Switch)Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (Switch)

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Velan Studios

Release Date: 16th Oct 2020 (USA) / 16th Oct 2020 (UK/EU)
Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA)Mario Kart Super Circuit (GBA)

Publisher: Nintendo

Release Date: 27th Aug 2001 (USA) / 14th Sep 2001 (UK/EU)
Super Mario Kart (SNES)Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo EAD

Release Date: 1st Sep 1992 (USA) / 21st Jan 1993 (UK/EU)
Mario Kart 7 (3DS)Mario Kart 7 (3DS)

Publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo EAD

Release Date: 4th Dec 2011 (USA) / 2nd Dec 2011 (UK/EU)

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