Best Attacking Characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League


Find the best attacking characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

They say that the best defense is a good offense, so it’s time to follow those wise words and find the best attacking characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League to score some goals. Luckily, there are various characters that you can build out and optimize for scoring power. Whether you need a player who can take hits, dodge attacks, or give the perfect pass, you’ll want the forward who works best for your playstyle. Here is a guide to finding the best characters for your team.

Best Attacking Characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League

There are five different stats in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Strength, speed, shooting, passing, and technique all affect how your character handles. All of these stats can be used to your forward’s advantage to score more goals. Of course, the better your character can fare in two stats that complement each other, the more effective your team will be at scoring points. Here are the best characters to put your team on the attack.

Here are the characters who make great forwards:

  • Rosalina: Great shooting, strength and speed
  • Wario: Excellent strength and shooting
  • Waluigi: Phenomenal strength and speed


Rosalina is a powerhouse who shouldn’t be underestimated. Her base stats feature high shooting, strength, and technique. With the Muscle Helmet, Muscle Gauntlets, Bushido Armor, and Bushido Sandals, Rosalina will deal damage, shoot well, and speed her way to the ball. She turns into a scoring machine that can create a lot of space around her to take a clean shot on goal. Who needs passing when you can take a shot?

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Wario excels in strength and shooting. While he isn’t the fastest character, he makes up for it with his ability to pass the ball when needed. With the Muscle Helmet, Cannon Gloves, Bushido Armor, and Muscle Boots, you’ll have a build that allows Wario to take hits, clear out defenders, and take shots on goal. Wario is a good choice over Bowser if you’d like a character with a maxed-out attack stat but a couple of higher stats to balance him out a little more.


Waluigi is fast and strong so you can strike a nice balance of high Strength and Speed stats. With the Turbo Helmet, Muscle Gauntlets, Bushido Armor, and Bushido Sandals, Waluigi will be running around and pummeling the competition. His build works in any position so it really depends on your preference. As a forward, Waluigi can easily outrun the defenders while also being able to take hits from heavier characters. He may lack in other areas, but his strengths more than compensate for it.

Build a Balanced Team in Mario Strikers: Battle League

With five different stats to take into account, you’ll need to strike a balance with your team composition. You’ll want to build a team around your forwards to make sure they have the best opportunities to score a goal. These forwards are going to have some weaknesses. Wario may be able to take a hit and shoot the ball, but he’s not going to outrun any other character. You can find characters that complement your forwards and make them more effective to score.

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Putting a character like Toad alongside Wario will help balance out Wario’s weaknesses. Toad is fast and great at passing. You can use Toad to run down to the corner and center the ball for Wario to score.

It’s best to experiment with the characters and find the best attacking character in Mario Strikers: Battle League to complement your team composition and play style. If you want to keep improving, here’s the best gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League for every character.

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