Banglalink minute offer 2024 (Updated BL Offer)

Banglalink minute offer 2024

Are you facing trouble finding an updated Banglalink minute offer in 2024? Banglalink minutes offer is very low. Whether it is a good offer for less money. So we are always looking for Banglalink‘s offers. From today you will not have to suffer anymore. Because today I will discuss Banglalink’s minute offer.

Banglalink is the best telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh. They serve the best network all over the country. More than 10 million subscribers have Banglalink operators. They always come with excellent features of offers. Banglalink minute offer are excellent for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

With this info, I will accord you the best affordable Banglalink minutes offer. Also, how can you reach the best offers according to your requirements? Furthermore, I will inform you about the recharge offers and code offers. 

Banglalink minute offer 2024:

Recently, Banglalink updates all their packages of minutes. They design their packages more affordable than the previous year. Their packages are very useful and reasonable. You can talk to your loved ones as you wish. Now I will express to you the latest Banglalink minute offer 2024. Each customer has satisfactory minute packages for themselves.

I accumulate the latest and inexpensive offers here. When we wanna purchase a reasonable minute pack. We have to tolerate varied troubles. It eradicates our beneficial time and money. Let’s see Banglalink minute offer 2024:

Banglalink 15 minutes offer

This is the best offer in Banglalink minutes. You can buy only 9 take with VAT and SD.  Below we give you the offer details: 

  • Total 15 minutes.
  • Price only 9 take.
  • Validity 02 days.
  • Activate code *1100*6*4#.

Banglalink 90 minutes offer

It is a weekly pack. You can buy the offer for only 56 taka ( with SD and VAT). Below we give you the offer details: 

  • Total 90 minutes.
  • Price 56 BDT.
  • Validity 07 days.
  • Activate code *166*57#

Banglalink 105 minutes offer

This offer is a 15 days pack. The pack cost 78 bdt ( with SD and VAT). If you monthly basis packs user then you buy this offer. Below we give you the offer details:

  • Total 105 minutes.
  • Validity 15 days.
  • Internet 300 MB.
  • SMS 105 ( Banglalink to Banglalink)
  • Price 78 take.
  • Activate code *1100*8*2#.
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Banglalink 340 minutes offer

If you want packages for a month. Then it is for you. You can enjoy this pack throughout the month. The pack cost is only 208 taka with VAT and SD. Below we give you the offer details:

  • Total 340 minutes.
  • Price 208 taka.
  • Validity 30 days.
  • Activate code *166*207#.

Banglalink minute offer list:

Banglalink minute offers can be purchased in various aspects. Each offer can be purchased in different ways. Over code and recharge, you can buy a Banglalink minute offer. Some of the offers are usable for each user. Also, You can recognize which offer is eligible for you. 

You can buy through some offer codes. And some offers can be bought through recharge. Some offer just for minutes. And some offers carry SMS with minutes. These are named bundle offers. To assist my honorable visitors, I built an accomplished list of the Banglalink minute offer. With the table, you can achieve inexpensive packs and protect valuable time.

From the chart, you will be able to buy the pack of your preference smoothly. Build the table with cost, validity, and total minutes. 

Let’s check Banglalink minutes offer in 2024:

Total minutes  Code Validity Price
10 Minutes *166*206# 01 days 06 Taka
15 Minutes *166*209# 02 days 09 Taka
19 Minutes *121*100# 02 days 12 Taka
22 Minutes *1100*5# 02 days 14 Taka
45 Minutes *166*27# 03 days  27 Taka
70 Minutes *166*47# 07 days  45 Taka
90 Minutes *166*57# 07 days 57 Taka
155 Minutes *166*97# 07 days 97 Taka
175 Minutes *166*107# 15 days 107 Taka
230 Minutes *166*147# 30 days 147 Taka
235 Minutes *166*137# 30 days 137 Taka
250 Minutes *166*157# 30 days 157 Taka
300 Minutes *166*197# 30 days 197 Taka
340 Minutes *166*207# 30 days 207 Taka
460 Minutes *166*297# 30 days 297 Taka
510 Minutes *166*307# 30 days 307 Taka
500 Minutes *1100*8*1# 30 days 488 Taka
300 Minutes *1100*8*2# 30 days 288 Taka
150 Minutes *1100*8*3# 30 days 188 Taka
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Banglalink minute offer recharge:

With the help of the modern communication age, we are all able to converse with others in just a second through mobile. So we always want to buy affordable minutes packages. To fulfill our desires Banglalink always moves toward cheap minutes packages.  So the number of Banglalink subscribers is expanding day by day.

Many ways you can purchase minute offers. Some of the offers are only usable for recharge.  You just recharge the sufficient amount of your proposal. This offer automatically turns on your devices. I notify you of the latest offers which are ready for a recharge.

Let’s check the Banglalink minute offer list 2024: 

Total minutes Validity Recharge
28 Minutes 02 days 17 Taka
45 Minutes 03 days  27 Taka
55 Minutes 04 days 34 Taka
120 Minutes 07 days 74 Taka
175 Minutes 15 days 107 Taka
1 paisa/ sec 03 days 21 Taka
48 paisa/ sec 03 days 29 Taka
1 paisa/ sec 07 days 39 Taka
48 paisa/ sec 07 days 47 Taka
48 paisa/ sec 07 days 59 Taka
1 paisa/ sec 30 days 139 Taka
48 paisa/ sec 60 days 159 Taka

Banglalink minute offer check code:

Banglalink minutes offers are accessible in various ways. Some of the proposals are applicable only for code. Those offers each have a unique code so you have to dial the code to acquire the offer. 

Banglalink minutes offers are very effective and satisfying. Because if you have enough money you will be able to activate your offer anytime. Hence, I amass the latest Hanglalink minutes offer code in a table. The table generates total minutes, price, validity, and code.

Latest Banglalink minutes offer code 2024: 

Total minutes Code Validity Price
515 minutes  *1100*7*1# 30 days 297 Taka
340 minutes *1100*7*2# 30 days 197 Taka
250 minutes *1100*7*3# 30 days 147 Taka
235 minutes *1100*7*4# 30 days 137 Taka
165 minutes *1100*1# 15 days 97 Taka
99 minutes *1100*2# 07 days 57 Taka
80 minutes *1100*3# 07 days 47 Taka
45 minutes *1100*4# 03 days 27 Taka
40 minutes *1100*6*1# 03 days 24 Taka
24 minutes *1100*5# 02 days 14 Taka
28 Minutes *121*17# 02 days 17 Taka
45 Minutes *121*27# 03 days  27 Taka
55 Minutes *121*34# 04 days 34 Taka
120 Minutes *121*74# 07 days 74 Taka
175 Minutes *121*175# 15 days 107 Taka
25  Minutes *166*28# 04 days  Taka
35 Minutes *121*38# 07 days Taka
80 Minutes *121*98# 07 days Taka
200 Minutes *166*298# 30 days  Taka
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Banglalink minute offer 2024

How to activate the offer on your phone:

To activate the valuable offer, you have to select the minute offers. Then you will be able to buy according to your priorities. 

  • To check your minute offer dial *166*207#. 
  • Choose a package from the table.
  • Collect the activated code.
  • Open your phone dial pad and type the code.
  • Then automatically activate the offer on your device.
  • You will find an activation SMS. 
  • Now, check your minutes’ balance. Dial *121*100#.

Note: Some offers may not be available at this moment. To purchase an offer make sure your account has enough money.

Conclusion: In the above content, you will know the latest affordable Banglalink minute offer 2024. Also, you will know how to get the best offer according to your requirements. Furthermore, you find the latest minute offer code. You can buy these at any time. If you have enough money in your account.

I expect that the above tables are very beneficial for you. Also, you will be able to select the fairest one and can communicate with your individuals by hours. If you have benefited from this content. Then don’t forget to share with your family and friends. always reaches with your technology and educational-related update information. Like routine, results, job exam questions, job circular, solutions, online income, all operator SIM offer, etc. 

If you have any questions about the above content just leave it below the comment box. To know all updated information visit our site regularly. 

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