All Skins and Maps Included in Destiny 2 Fortnite Crossover

Destiny 2 Fortnite Crossover
Image via Epic Games

The Destiny 2 Fortnite crossover is official and live! You can head in-game right now and purchase the crossover bundles from the store. There are three bundles to choose from – each of which comes with its own unique glider, pickaxe, and back bling.

If you’re a Destiny 2 and Fortnite fan, then get ready to open your wallet. Before you do, though, you might want to have a look at what each one includes.

All Skins and Maps Included in Destiny 2 Fortnite Crossover

Ikora Rey Character Pack

Destiny 2 Fortnite crossover - Ikora Rey
Image via Epic Games

Ikora is the Warlock Vanguard of Destiny 2 and leader of the Hidden. As an apprentice to Osiris, she also happened to be the greatest Crucible competitor in the history of the Last City. Ikora Rey will be available along with the following items:

  • Ophiuchus Back Bling – Ophiuchus is Ikora’s ghost.
  • Black Talon Pickaxe – The Black Talon is an ornate exotic sword that’s usable in Destiny 2.
  • Sparrow Glider – All three Destiny 2 characters come with their own Sparrow Glider character Shader.

Commander Zavala Character Pack

Image via Epic Games

Commander Zavala is the Titan Vanguard and who many consider to be the “leader” of the last City. Stepping up after the death of the Speaker, he spends more time behind a desk than on a battlefield these days.

  • Targe Back Bling – Targe is Zavala’s Ghost.
  • Crown-Splitter Pickaxe – The Crown-Splitter is another usable sword in Destiny 2, this time of the legendary variety.
  • Sparrow Glider – Like Ikora, Zavala will come with a Sparrow Glider and his own custom Shader Style fit.
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Exo-Stranger Character Pack

Image via Epic Games

The Exo-Stranger is one of Destiny’s oldest mysteries. The woman we now know as Elsie Bray is pivotal to the world of Destiny 2 and is one of the three “Dark Vanguard” members.

  • Pouka Back Bling – Pouka is a new addition to the Destiny 2 world that seems to be debuting with the Lightfall expansion.
  • The Lament Pickaxe – The Lament is one of Destiny 2’s strongest swords – and belongs to the Exo-Stranger’s father.
  • Sparrow Glider – Again, the Exo-Stranger will also come with her own Sparrow Glider and custom Shader Style.

Destiny 2 Fortnite Crossover Guardian Zone Control – Javelin-4

Image via Epic Games

As well as those three characters, the Destiny 2 Fortnite crossover also includes a brand new creative map. Javelin-4 is a faithful recreation of the map of the same name in Destiny 2’s Crucible game mode.

Rather than just being an impressive spectacle, the Fortnite map actually functions and serves its original Destiny purpose. It features a “control mode” that mimics that same mode from Destiny 2. There are control points dotted around the map – killing enemies while you hold more control points will bank your team more points. The first to 200 wins.

To access this new Destiny 2 Fortnite crossover map, head on over to the “discover” screen, or input the island code: 0642-9767-7225

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