Airtel Minute Offer 2024 | All minutes pack in a list

 Airtel minute offer 2024 | All minutes pack in a list

Are you looking for the latest Airtel minute offer in 2024? Then it is the right spot for you. This year Airtel come with an exciting minutes offer than the previous year. Airtel designed the offers in a way their customers benefited. They always provide affordable minutes packs to their customers. Today I will inform you of a board description on airtel minute offer 2024.

Airtel is the most established telecommunication company in Bangladesh.  For more than 10 years, there provide the best service in Bangladesh. Airtel is very popular all over the country for the young generation. To satisfy their customers they always publish exciting offers. I amass particular important information from their official website airtel bd.

With this info, you will know all affordable Airtel minutes offer 2024. Also how to get the best offer and which are available by recharge. Furthermore, I will inform you of the Airtel minute offers code.

Let’s check the latest affordable minutes offer.

Airtel minute offer 2024

Newly, airtel updates all their packages of minutes. They design their packages the cheapest and long validate. From their packages, you can enjoy your time with your individuals. Now I will show you the latest airtel minute offer 2024. Each customer can search for reasonable minute packages for themselves.

I amass the latest and inexpensive offers in a list. When we desire a reasonable minute pack. We have to resist several difficulties. It destroys our valuable time. To help my honorable visitors, I create an accomplished list of the airtel minute offer. With the list, you can reach affordable packs and save valuable time. 

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From the list, you can acquire the pack of your choice smoothly. Create the list with active code, validity, and total minutes.

List of airtel minute offer 2024:

Total minutes Price Validity Code
30 minutes 18 taka 24 hours *121*18#
46 minutes 28 taka 03 days *121*28#
92 minutes 53 taka 07 days *121*53#
160  minutes 93 taka 07 days *121*93#
205 minutes 118 taka 10 days *121*0118#
335 minutes 193 taka 30 days *121*193#
489 minutes 278 taka 30 days *121*278#
655  minutes 378 taka 30 days *121*378#
865 minutes 499 taka 30 days *121*499#
46 minutes 28 taka 03 days *121*28#
36 minutes 23 taka 02 days *121*23#
12 minutes 08 taka 12 hours *121*08#

How can I buy Airtel Minutes?

Airtel minute offer can be purchased in several ways. Each way is applicable for each offer. Through code and recharge, you can purchase an airtel minute offer. Some of the offers are available for each sim card. Also, 

You can see which offer is suitable for you Some offers have to be bought through code. And some offers through recharge. Some offers will only have minutes. And some will have SMS with minutes. These are called bundle offers.

In the modern communication age, we all can conversations with others in just a second through mobile. So we always seek to purchase the lowest minutes packages. To fulfill our demands airtel always comes with inexpensive minutes packages.  So the number of airtel subscribers is improving day by day.

To buy an affordable offer, first of all, you have to verify the minute offers. Then you can buy according to your preferences.

  • Decide on a pack from our content in tables. 
  • Find an active code.
  • Open your dial pad and dial code.
  • Then you find an activation SMS. 
  • Now, check your continuing balance. Dial *778*0#
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Airtel minute offer list:

Various ways have you can verify minutes offered. Some of them are only available for recharge.  You simply recharge the sufficient quantity of your request. The offer automatically activates on your devices. I inform you of the latest offers which are available for recharge. 

Let’s check the airtel minute offer list 2024: 

Total minutes Recharge Validity
10 minutes  06 taka 02 days
12 minutes  08 taka 12 hours
30 minutes  18 taka 24 hours
36 minutes  23 taka 02 days
46 minutes  28 taka 02 days
80 minutes  48 taka 07 days / 1 week
85 minutes  53 taka 07 days / 1 week
120 minutes  74 taka 07 days / 1 week
160 minutes  97 taka 07 days / 1 week
175 minutes  107 taka 15 days 
190 minutes  118 taka 10 days

Airtel minute offer check code:

Airtel minutes offers are available in varied ways. Some of the offers are usable only for code. The offer has a unique code so you have to dial the code to buy the offer.

Those offers are very helpful and enjoyable. Because if you have sufficient amount you can active your offer anytime. Therefore, I collect the latest airtel minutes offer code in a list. The list creates with price, validity, total minutes, and code.

Latest airtel minutes offer code 2024:

Total minutes  Price  Validity Code
480 Minutes 278 Taka 30 days  *121*278#
605 Minutes 349 Taka 30 days *121*349#
655 Minutes 378 Taka 30 days *121*378#
680 Minutes 499 Taka 30 days *121*4990#
865 Minutes 499 Taka 45 days *121*499#
1000 Minutes 574 Taka 30 days *121*574#
1200 Minutes 999 Taka 30 days *121*9990#
2000 Minutes 1499 Taka 30 days *121*1499#
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  • Some of the offers may be not available at this moment. 
  • To active a code offer before confirming your account have enough balance.
  • The validation time count starts from purchasing the offer.

How can I buy Airtel minute?

Conclusion: In the above content, I will reach you with the latest affordable Airtel minute offer. And you will know how you get the best offer according to your requirements.

I anticipate that those tables are very helpful for you. Also, you can select the best one and can enjoy it for hours. If the article helps you. Then I except you share the valuable content with your family and friends. Stay safe and stay with Airtel. our site published technology and educational-related update information. Like results, routine, job circular, job exam questions, solutions, SIM offer, online income, etc.

You can leave any questions below the comment box. To know updated information visit our site regularly.

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