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The Vet Nurse Day is celebrated every year on the second Friday of October. This day is observed to remember and appreciate the vet nurses from around the world for their essential contribution to the field of medicine. 

Vet Nurse Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes


-God sent you all in our lives to ease the pain of our beloved pets. No words are enough to thank each one of you for taking such good care of the animals—happy Vet Nurse Day to every nurse in the world.

-Nurses are superheroes, and their superpower is their compassion. Happy Vet Nurse Day to all the nurses working hard to take care of the ill and injured animals.

When you are a nurse, know that you will save the life of an animal every day, no matter how small your contribution is. Happy Vet Nurse Day.

-Every nurse in the world has the power to heal, teach, and comfort their patients. They play an integral part in saving the animals—happy Vet Nurse Day to all those nurses who are working hard every day.

-Thank you for taking such good care of our pets when they needed help the most. Thank you for your services. We wish you a very Happy Vet Nurse Day.

-It is strange how some people work with complete dedication to serve others and don’t get recognized for their services. I wish every veterinarian nurse a very Happy Vet Nurse Day.

– Happy Vet Nurse Day to all the nurses who are working day and night to save the lives of animals.

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-We should appreciate the work vet nurses do on this day. They play an essential part of taking care of animals.

-This day is perfect for us pet owners to say ‘thank you’ to our local vet nurses for their hard work and determination.

-Vet Nurse Day is an appropriate day to acknowledge the vital role vet nurses perform within the team. We should value their professionalism.

-When our pets are injured, and they have to stay at the medical facility, vet nurses are the ones who make sure the bandages are changed and whether our pets have been fed or not. 

-We should all come together and send a card and basket of gifts to the local veterinarian’s office and thank the nurses for their continued effort in saving the lives of the animals.

-Vet Nurse Day was initiated by the Veterinary Nurses Council of Australia to raise awareness about the nurses’ role to the general public.

-Let’s all go to the medical facility and thank the vet nurses for everything they do to make sure our pets come to us happy and healthy.

-The work vet nurses do during operations to make sure everything goes smoothly is very important. They are just as important to our pets’ welfare as the vets themselves.


“For some, being a vet was a means to make a living. For Theo, helping animals was a photo of his soul, the coat of his will.”
― Steven James Taylor

“…I’m hanging onto my sanity by a thread. I’ll have you up against this tree and be inside you in about one second.”
― Zoe Forward

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“His was the gaze of a high-end predator, throwing it’s prey a seductive look, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.”
― Zoe Forward

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