Zurcaroh Where Are They Now? Zurcaroh Members, Tour, Shows, Net Worth, Instagram Photos And Videos

What Is Zurcaroh?

Zurcaroh is an acrobatic performance troupe under the direction of Brazilian choreographer Peterson da Cruz Hora. This group was founded in Götzis, Vorarlberg, Austria, The group rose to fame after winning the golden buzzer on France’s Got Talent in 2017 and on America’s Got Talent season 13 in 2018, when they placed second overall. The group was started in 2007 in Brazil by So Paulo-based choreographer Peterson da Cruz Hora. He made the decision to refound the group in Austria in 2009 after relocating there with local staff. In 2011, they made their debut overseas as an Austrian ensemble in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Zurcaroh Where Are They Now?

At Spectaculaire France in 2020, it appears that they gave their final performance. In 2021, the group posted on Instagram, but it doesn’t appear that they are still practicing. Regrettably, it appears that the Zurcaroh community was particularly heavily impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. We hope that this ensemble has further plans to perform.

Zurcaroh Members

The group needed to apply to American Idol because, according to Peterson, “this is the biggest stage in the world where we can share our abilities and our talent.” He continued by stating that the organization welcomes dancers, gymnasts, and acrobats of all skill levels. There were 31 people in the ensemble as of May 2018. Their headquarters are in Götzis, a city in Austria’s western Rhine valley, which is densely inhabited. One of the most well-known acts to ever perform on America’s Got Talent was this 48-person group. After obtaining Tyra Banks’ Golden Buzzer during their audition, they kept up the impressive performance.

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Zurcaroh Tour

Africa – The Ethnicity Of The Race

At the 2015 FIG Gala in Helsinki, ZURCAROH’s performance was the show’s high point and last act. The presentation was a component of the 2014 ZURCAROH gala night “The different faces of the world,” which featured choreographies about every continent.

Hawaii – Hälui Kalikiano

A dance routine with lovely Hawaiian rhythms, powerful moves, and spectacular acrobatics. This performance was specifically made to compete in the French talent competition “La France an un incroyable talent” finals!

Zurcaroh Shows

End Of Time

This is a highly powerful and energetic performance that conveys a terrible and agonizing sense of suffering and desperation. It served as the centerpiece of our nighttime performance, “As Escrituras Sagradas,” in which ZURCAROH narrated the genesis and human history using biblical references.

Sporting Events

ZURCAROH is a one-of-a-kind performance that combines dance, acrobatics, stunning costumes, and thrilling music. The audience is temporarily transported into a fantastical setting.

Corporate Events

We promise to put on a fantastic performance for your staff and clients that includes breathtaking acrobatic feats, extravagant costumes, and dance routines.

Zurcaroh Instagram Photos And Videos

Zurcaroh Net Worth

The total net worth of Zurcaroh is estimated to be around $3 million. Their salary details of them are still under review. Zurcaroh’s source of income is their professional career. Zurcaroh’s income in the year 2023 is provided here.

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