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Zoe Tay is one of few very well known actresses from the country, who has both Asian and Western roots. She has portrayed many different characters in a number of high profile movies, including one with Tom Cruise, called Vanilla Sky. Her other notable roles include Kung Mang, in the film’s Invictus, Farelly Brothers’ Kung Mang, and the reboot of the movie Saw. Zoe also appeared in the TV show MIB: Men In Black as Agent 13, and in the popular video game Call of Duty: Black Ops.


Bio / Wiki
Full Name Zoe Tay
Occupation Actress
Age 53
Date of Birth January 10, 1968
Place of Birth Singapore
Star Sign Capricorn
Country Singapore
Gender Female

Zoe Tay began her career in show business, appearing in a number of shows on TV before she ventured into films. Not one of her western characters ever had the courage to speak out, and this gave her an anti-heroic quality, something all great actresses share. Zoe Tay has been described as a ‘feminine robot’ by those who have worked with her, and she is often quoted as saying she considers herself a female James Bond. Zoe has never been afraid to talk about sex, and in a recent interview she spoke about the preference she had for Asian men over American men.

Zoe Tay’s full name is Zoe Winters, and she was born in San Diego, California. She is currently married to Matt Reeves, with whom she has two children. Zoe has always claimed to be a fan of Trek, and her bio gives some interesting insight into her views on Star Trek, and her love of sci-fi, as she explains that she watches the episodes of the series only once a week. Zoe is now married to the man she loves, and she is currently working on a novel based on a character she created. Zoe Tay biographies usually tend to focus on her work, and her salary, but her biography will give an insight into her life outside of work and perhaps more importantly, her view of Singapore itself.

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Zoe started modeling when she was sixteen-years-old and went on to have her own wax statue created for her in 2022, which was then displayed at Singapore Idol. This was a very successful move for Zoe, as she has developed an excellent body image for her career which continues to impress many people. Zoe began working as an assistant model for photographer Michael Lee in the late eighties, before she moved onto runway and television roles. Zoe has also worked for brands such as Levi and has appeared in various ad campaigns, both in Singapore and overseas.

Zoe has always been open about her finances, speaking freely about how much money she earns in a year, and how she pays her bills each month. She is well renowned for her love of designer clothing, and her income allows her to buy what she wants when she wants. Zoe is one of the few Singaporean celebrities who has managed to combine her acting skills with a successful career in the film industry. Zoe Tay recently became the face of Louis Vuitton’s latest range of menswear, which earned her a further million pounds. Zoe has appeared in Louis Vuitton films alongside Angelina Jolie and was recently seen on the French news show Le Point.

Zoe Tay was naming the thirty-first best female star of a British magazine’s list of the world’s top 100 stars last year, and she is tipped to be tipped as the next superstar in Hollywood. She is now rumoured to be dating the much-celebrated rap artist, Remy. Zoe has been very public about her love of tall items, and has been compared to Angelina Jolie due to her naturally stunning height, however Zoe Tay has yet to sign any major contracts. Zoe has yet to return to the Singapore skies, but her spokesperson has reassured the public that there are no plans to make a return to Singapore anytime soon.

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