WWE SmackDown results, winners, and grades 6 May 2023

Here are the SmackDown results for the 6th of May, 2023.

RK-Bro and The Bloodline are set to come face-to-face while Sasha Banks took on Shayna Baszler in a physical battle.

Charlotte Flair was set to face Aliyah in a one-on-one match to kick off the show but the bout did not even get started as Ronda Rousey and the SmackDown Women’s Champion had a brawl.

Charlotte Flair versus Aliyah

The Queen came to the ring and started giving excuses about losing to Ronda Rousey last week in an “I Quit” Best the Clock Challenge. Flair addressed Aliyah as Ronda and said that she will beat her down considering her as The Baddest Woman on The Planet herself. The SmackDown Women’s Champion assaulted Aliyah even before the match started. Rousey came out to intervene. Flair sent her into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Flair was about to get locked in an arm bar but a handful of officials and referees tried separating the two women. They were having a hard time though as both women fought through them and exchanged punches and kicks before Flair was finally pulled out of the ring to close the segment.

Sasha Banks with Naomi versus Shayna Baszler with Natalya

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