WWE 2K22 1.16 Patch Notes, Released Date, Gameplay, GM Mode

WWE 2K22 1.16 Patch Notes

Update 1.16 for WWE 2K22 has finally been released, less than a day before the game’s final DLC release.

Now that The Whole Dam Pack is about to be released, we have the official WWE 2K22 Update 1.16 Patch Notes and information on all the modifications done.

Before The Whole Dam Pack, WWE 2K22 Update 1.16 Patch Notes are available today. The Source of the patch notes – WWE 2K22 1.16 Patch Notes

WWE 2K22 Update 1.16 Patch Notes

Patch 1.16 is now LIVE including stability and balance improvements, and much, much more. Thank you for playing, and keep the feedback coming via our social channels!


  • Addressed reported concerns regarding warping issues when a reversal is triggered

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding Superstars getting stuck on cage wall on reversals

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding clipping and floating during gameplay

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding  animations not syncing

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where the AI stops attacking opponent on the cage

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding the AI entering an idle state when going Backstage

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where the signature meter wasn’t being consumed when executing a signature move

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding the AI remaining idle on the ground

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding blood being applied to the attacker during a match

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding damage not being applied to some moves

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding some moves being spammed to exploit wins online

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where the AI wasn’t attacking with a weapon vs a grounded opponent

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where “move thief” was failing to trigger

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding instances where Superstars can climb on top of another Superstar during a Cage MatchONLINE

  • Addressed reported concerns regarding custom images not displaying properly in online matches.

  • Improved stability in online lobbies.

  • Improved stability when downloading and applying custom portraits.

  • Improved stability in Community Creations.CREATE

  • Improved overall stability in Create a Superstar

  • Improved part compatibility in Create a Superstar

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WWE 2K22 Update 1.16 Released Date

Since the game’s release, various DLC packs have added more superstars, and it’s now time to finish it up.

On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, The Whole Dam Pack is expected to be released, and as has become their custom, 2K has already released a game update the day before.

On Monday, July 18, 2022, WWE 2K22 Update 1.16 was released across all platforms. It is a substantial set of updates, weighing in at 4.14 GB on Xbox Series X|S and 2.345 GB on PS5.

WWE 2K22 Game Info

Visual Concepts and 2K Sports have released WWE 2K22, a professional wrestling sports simulation video game. It is the twenty-second overall instalment of the WWE video game franchise, the ninth under the WWE 2K name, and the sequel to WWE 2K20 from 2019. On March 11, 2022, it was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

WWE 2K22 Gameplay

MyCareer from WWE 2K was renamed MyRISE, and it centred on separate stories for male and female superstars. 2K Showcase Mode has been renamed Showcase, and it features cover hero Rey Mysterio, allowing players to relive the highlights of his WWE career. New features and improvements were added to the 2K Showcase mode. Players can unlock additional characters, outfits, and arenas as they go through the game.

A new mode called MyFACTION is also included in the game. With frequent updates and weekly events, players may develop a wrestling stable by collecting, managing, and improving WWE Superstars. Universe Mode has been updated to provide the ability to switch camera angles while watching matches. Playing as a single superstar and focusing just on their matches and storylines is one of the other new elements.

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WWE 2K22 GM Mode

The updated “MyGM Mode” allows the internet’s best fantasy wrestling bookers to create legendary stories and feuds by building their own teams. Players must maximise their talent, generate interesting rivalries and matches, and make their brand the most dominant possible while balancing a budget.

In terms of the wrestling action itself, the animations have been totally reworked to look smoother and more natural. There are a variety of grappling assaults that are decided by a wrestler’s height, weight, and other factors, and both light and heavy grapple attacks have risk and reward features.

New ‘Breaker’ manoeuvres have been added to the game, allowing players to counter and even reverse a move by pressing the correct prompt. Combatants can also duck and block in order to deal with a barrage of attacks from nimble wrestlers such as Rey Mysterio.

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