Winter Season In Bangladesh And Its Natural Beauty

Bangladesh is a country of seasonal diversity. Six seasons in Bangladesh. The months of Poush and Magh are winter. Winter means the feeling of cold in the freezing cold. Summer, monsoon, autumn, fall, winter, and spring bring different forms to this conspiracy season in Bengal. The season comes, the season goes, nature is decorated in various colors. In such a continuum, winter comes after autumn. Winter comes to Bangladesh in the form of emptiness. Winter brings the message of falling forest leaves.

That says – ‘Tiger trembles in the winter of Magh’. Not only tigers but also many people tremble in winter when it is cold in Poush-Magh — especially the poor people in rural areas. But winter does not just shake bones; It also brings us a variety of gifts and fun gifts. The city is home to millions of people. Countless electric lamps. Lots of shops and factories. Therefore, the intensity of winter is less in urban areas in our country than in rural areas. The real look and feel of winter can be seen in the village. Although Poush-Magh is winter in these two months, the onset of winter starts from the month of Agrahayan. However, what is meant by bone-chilling winter is found in the month of Poush-Magh. Even Falgun’s last remnants remain, but the power is much less.

In winter, the rural nature of Bangladesh begins to cover with dew and mist even before evening. People return home very early in the morning. Cattle are also sheltered in the barn or in certain places. Happy in the icy winter of rural Bengal

Winter Season In Bangladesh

The Poush and Magh are two months of winter. This season is the favorite season of many. This season is not comparable. It goes without saying that there is no rain in our country in winter. As a result, one can enjoy walking on the path. Plenty of vegetables are available in winter. Besides, people of this country love to eat Pithapuli in winter. If you think of date juice in the winter morning, who doesn’t want to go back to winter

Winter morning

Winter mornings are no exception. In the morning Saina Raed came and touched our verandah and yard with a fuck in the corner of the leaves of the tree. Everybody wants to have breakfast in the winter Pithapuli sitting in the sunny sun on a winter morning. Dew-soaked grass soaks the soles of the feet as soon as you walk on the path with a sheet wrapped around your body. Sitting behind the red petals of the Shimul flower, Doel, Koel, Moyna, Tiye chirped and danced. At sunrise, the birds sing and welcome the winter morning. All the arrangements then became natural. As soon as you look ahead, you see empty fields without crops, empty trees with fallen leaves, then it seems as if nature has arrogantly thrown away its old equipment.

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The radiant beauty of the marigolds, dahlias, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers with the gentle touch of raw radish is truly unimaginable at any time other than winter mornings.

Winter In Rural Life

Most of the people in the village are professionally involved in agriculture. So even on a winter’s morning, they do not have time to enjoy the comforts and pleasures of winter. Winter is the main time for planting rice. If the farmer is sitting at this time, it will not work. On the other hand, peasant brides also start caring in the vegetable fields, while others oil the vegetables. Cold old age in the cold of winter, suffers a little too much from the sufferers. So they warm their bodies by lighting a fire in the straw hut whenever they are tired. At this time the children also came. In the work of enjoying the fire heat. And sometimes the juicy story goes on. On the other hand, the smell of cake banana falls in the kitchen.

Winter In Urban Life

In urban life, there is usually less opportunity to enjoy the winter. The people on the upper floors of the city spend their winter mornings wrapped in warm blankets. As a result, it is not possible for them to observe the beautiful morning mist. On the other hand, working people and low-income people go out to the office and work on the streets of the city. They ran through the fog to their respective destinations. The busyness of life always catches the eye. Even during the day, the cars keep on running with their headlights on. Here the feet do not get wet in the dew, the smell of the cake makes the air no exception. Winter brings misery to the slum dwellers in this poor country. The people floating in the city are the cruel victims of winter. Homeless children old fight on the sidewalk, at the railway station without warm clothes.

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The Nature Of Winter

In winter morning-evening thick fog falls. Some days even the face of the sun is not seen. When you wake up in the morning and look around, it seems as if nature is sleeping with a white sheet. At this time most of the leaves of the tree become rough and fade and fall off. People, animals, and insects become numb in winter. At this time the sun is tilted to the south. As a result, the day is shorter and the night is longer.

The Special Attraction Of Winter

There are also lots of fun events. According to the traditional tradition, the juice is collected from date palms and molasses is made in different parts of the country. The festival seems to have started on this occasion. Especially in several districts of the southwest of the country, excellent molasses and patali are made from date juice. However, not all areas produce excellent quality aesthetic patali. With a lot of patience, hard work, and care, this special delicious and artistic Patali was made by the artisans and artists of Patali. Not just molasses-patali-pithepuli-dgir-payes and moya, all kinds of vegetables, vegetables at home; Escape to the field. Looking at these winter scenes, it seems that this endless supply of vegetables is a special gift of the season; This beauty and splendor of Aishwarya would not have been so suitable in other seasons. Gourd-Pumpkin-Cauliflower-Cabbage, Radish, Spinach, Turnip, Eggplant, Tomato, Mate-Potato, Onion Sprouts are all curry. What a fresh and what a taste of them!

Beel-baor and river-canal freshwater fish of all kinds is another gift of our winter. Not only in the villages but also in different markets of the city-ganj, fresh and ‘jumping fish caught from winter rivers and canals can be seen and bought. The taste of big boal, catol, taki, shing, magur, kai, meni, khaira, puti, sarputi, bain, pabda, tangra, etc. seems to increase a lot in winter. In particular, the fun of eating the big Tarabain, Shail, Koi, Pabda, or Sarputi-Meni cooked at night in the village’s Gerastha house in the morning with crispy rice cannot be explained to anyone other than the one who ate it.

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In the month of Agrahayan, the harvesting of Aman paddy started in a limited way, but at the beginning of Poush, the harvesting of paddy started in full swing in the fields of the village. Rows and rows of Aman paddy fields sway in the wind. The head is like a small piece of gold – golden paddy. Symbol of farmers’ dreams. A messenger of happiness and joy. The golden glow of golden paddy brings smiles to the faces of millions of farmers. It raises hope in the chest. That is why the busyness of harvesting paddy in the field is like a festival of fulfilling new dreams of the future. The farmer’s Gola, Auri, Dhole were filled with that paddy. Now that the rice-making mill has reached the village, the scene of rice-washing is no longer seen in the houses. Even after that, in the winter, there is still a lot of noise in the houses of rural Bengal. Rice stumps are made for Pithepuli. It takes a lot to hear the sound of drumming. The busyness of frying new rice husks in the big oven in the corner of the yard will also catch the eye. When you think of sitting in the sweet sun of the morning and eating Muri soaked in date juice, Moya of molasses-covered Muri, or crispy Muri with Nolen Patali, water comes into your pocket.

Happiness-sorrow, laughter-cry, light-darkness is our life. Let us move forward. So winter is a season of suffering as well as getting a lot. If we extend a helping hand and compassion to the poor, they too will be able to overcome the hardships of winter. We will all be able to share the joys of winter.


Winter in Bangladesh is a special season of joy and relaxation. Winter brings the scent of dahlia, marigold and chrysanthemum. The beauty of the dew highlights the foggy nature. The tasteful Bengalis get the satisfaction of Pithapuli only in winter. And travel-loving people get the pleasure of travel

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