Who was Allan Schwer? The Bachelorette Star Eric Schwer’s Dad Dies at 65 Before Season Premier

The Bachelorette fans learned about the regular contestant Erich Schwer’s father’s passing on Monday episode during his hometown date with Gabby Windey. Read on to know who was Allan Schwer, what happened to him, and how did he die.

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During the episode, Gabby Windey met suitor Erich Schwer’s family during hometown dates. The visit to Bedminster, New Jersey, seemed to have additional emotional baggage as 29-year-old Erich told 31-year-old Gabby about his father and he “was legitimately supposed to die like three times.”

Eric Schwer’s Father, Allan Schwer, Passed Away on July 6

Allan Schwer, the father of The Bachelorette star Eric Schwer, passed away on July 6, 2024, after having his third battle with cancer. Allan passed away just five days prior to The Bachelorette’s Season 19’s premier.

Allan managed to be on the hometown date and met Gabby. According to the real estate analyst, he “really liked Gabby.” However, the late man didn’t get to see his son on the screen.

Eric reacted to his father’s passing on Instagram on July 9, 2024. “Thankful for everything you’ve done for me,” he wrote with a picture of Allan from his younger days. “We are gonna miss the hell out of you Big AL. I love you so much dad,” he added.

Erich shared another photo of his father, simply captioned with one red-heart emoji, as the hometown date aired and the episode was dedicated to his late dad

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How did Allan Schwer Die? Eric Schwer’s Father’s Cause of Death?

Allan Schwer passed away after suffering from appendiceal cancer. Allan revealed during the Monday episode that he had been in the ICU for around 40 days before the hometown date.

“But I’m still here,” Allan told Erich and ICU nurse Gabby. “I’m happy. I’m positive, so that’s good. I really admire the ICU nurses. They’re so sharp.”

He also revealed that his latest scan showed that his cancer had returned. “I already went through three rounds of chemo,” he informed Gabby. “The first two did nothing. And the third one almost killed me.”

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In response, Eric appreciated his dad’s effort during the hometown date but remembered how challenging it was for him.

Allan’s Meetup with Eric and Gabby Made Them Happy

He’s struggling for sure to be there to meet Gabby and for it to be like a family thing,” Erich revealed in an on-camera interview during Monday’s episode. “I have to show my dad how much she means to me because it’s really important.”

However, The date ultimately strengthened both Erich and Gabby’s feelings for each other.

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Gabby told the cameras that seeing Erich with his family “made my feelings so much deeper for him.”

Who was Allan Robert Schwer?

Allan Robert Schwer was the father of The Bachelorette star Eric Schwer. He was 65 years old at the time of his untimely passing due to cancer on July 6, 2024. The late reality television star appeared on the show alongside his son.

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His ultimate appearance came on Monday’s episode where Eric and Gabby were on a hometown date.

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The Bachelorette’s episode was dedicated to him and his battle with cancer. Unfortunately, Allan didn’t get to watch the episodes as he died before the season premiere.

Allan Schwer is survived by his wife Donna Schwer, and children Eric Schwer and Elise Schwer.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family, friends, and loved ones. May God let the departed soul rest in peace.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8 PM ET/ 5 PM PT.

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