Who Is the Mother of Hulk’s Son?

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law started its run this week, with its premiere raising a few questions for the audience. One question many viewers may not even know they should ask involves the MCU possibly bringing in a particular character’s son from the comics. So, without further ado, this is the answer to who the mother of Hulk’s son is.

Warning: Possibly major spoilers for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and future MCU entries, so proceed with caution.

Who Is the Mother of Hulk’s Son?

While it isn’t explicitly stated in the episode, it is incredibly possible that the person in the Sakaaran Ship who caused the crash in She-Hulk’s origin story could actually be Hulk’s son from the comics, Skaar. Yes, Hulk has a son in the comics, which seems like the most likely person in the Sakaaran Ship due to the fact that Hulk’s son is from Sakaar in the comics. Also, not to mention that the MCU has been quickly introducing younger versions of our favorite heroes, so why not add Skaar to that ever-growing list?

So if Hulk really had a kid on Sakaar, who is the mother, and why haven’t the two of them ever been mentioned? This is a great question and one that the MCU will hopefully answer. In the comics, the mother of Skaar is a woman named Caiera the Oldstrong, a woman whom Hulk meets on Sakaar during the Planet Hulk storyline. While the two of them start off as enemies, Caiera ends up aiding Hulk, and when Hulk becomes ruler of Sakaar, the two of them marry.

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Caiera unfortunately dies after they get married in an explosion but still gives birth to two children, the more notable and significant of the two being Skaar. Why exactly she was able to give birth after death is a bit complex and isn’t totally relevant at this moment because the MCU is presumably taking a different path. Still, it’s likely important to know that she does end up dying.

In the MCU, the whole Planet Hulk storyline was shortened significantly to be a side plot in Thor: Ragnarok. Thus, it is probable that instead of the whole storyline involving Hulk and Caiera in the comics, their narrative will be reimagined as that they were two people who met during Hulk’s time as a gladiator on Sakaar, with Hulk ending up getting Caiera pregnant during their fling. This relationship is possibly something that only Bruce Banner’s alter ego is aware of, which could explain Banner’s confusion over the ship in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’s premiere.

The only other part of the comics that will likely be adapted into the MCU is that Skaar aged very quickly after being born, a result of the cocoon process that was used to birth him in the comics, and became a young adult incredibly fast. Perhaps in the MCU, Caiera has died, but not before giving birth to a son, and so now that son, Skaar, is looking for his father.

That is everything you need to know about who the mother of Hulk’s son is. This is a developing situation in the MCU, so hopefully we’ll get more answers soon. Also, if you’re interested in more She-Hulk: Attorney at Law content, you should absolutely check out the links below.

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