Who is Juan Galt? All About the Anarchist Juan Galt Cast

Who Is Juan Galt? 

On July 10th, 2024 the documentary The Anarchist was released and everyone who has seen the documentary has been raising the query, who is Juan Galt. A Canadian artist and actor Juan Galt plays a major role in the documentary The Anarchist. But who is Juan Galt aside from being a part of the documentary? The Anarchist is not the only show where Juan Galt appears he is also known for his role in The Anarchapulco Settlers which was in fact written and directed by him. Let us find out more about who is Juan Galt, and about the documentary The Anarchist.

Juan Galt Bio

There is little to nothing available about Juan Galt, thus it would not be possible to create a Juan Galt bio, but we will update you with the latest Juan Galt bio as soon as we possess information regarding Juan Galt. This lack of information is also one reason why, who is Juan Galt has been trending on social media. Many had also been searching for Juan Galt age, but even that has not been made available. Though fans and critics speculate that Juan Galt might be around his mid or late-20s.

Who Is Juan Galt Girlfriend?

Many fans have also been curious to know who is Juan Galt girlfriend. But as stated in the above sections, nothing much about who is Juan Galt is known. Bt based on the various social media posts made by Juan Galt many speculate that Juan Galt girlfriend might be Lady Anarki or the girl whose social media handle name is Lady Anarki. But this has not been confirmed by Juan Galt. We will update you with the correct details of who is Juan Galt girlfriend as soon as the same is confirmed by Juan himself

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The Anarchist Juan Galt Cast

Since The Anarchist is a documentary almost all the Anarchist Juan Galt Cast have played themselves. Given below are The Anarchist Juan Galt Cast


The Anarchist Cast

1 Juan Galt
2 Jason Henza
3 Kim Kylland
4 Todd Schramke
5 Jeff Berwick
6 Dayna Martin
7 Larken Rose
8 Lily Forester
9 Amanda Rachwitz
10 Nathan Freeman
11 Lisa Freeman
12 Lucy
13 John Galton
14 Erika Harris
15 Amparo Manzanarez
16 Gustavo Sartorius
17 Ron Paul
18 Roger Ver

The Anarchist

The Anarchist as stated in the above section under who is Juan Galt is a documentary whose 1st episode was released on 10th July 2024. This documentary spans a period of 6 years and is about an impulsive one-time gathering. This one-time gathering ends up an annual event. There is nothing much about The Anarchist that has been revealed aside from critics giving positive reviews of this show. To know more about who is Juan Galt keep connected to our page.


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