Where to Find Capsule Corp Capsules in Fortnite (& How to Open Them)


Once you figure out where a Capsule Corp Capsule lands, it’s pretty fun watching the cartoon-y items pop out of it.

Dragon Ball’s iconic Capsules have been added to Fortnite, but finding them isn’t the easiest task. Thankfully, we’ve got everything you could possibly need to know about them. Here’s where to find and open Capsule Corp Capsules in Fortnite.

Finding Capsule Corp Capsules

Despite how they work in the Dragon Ball universe, Capsules aren’t simple items you can find just anywhere. They won’t appear until a little bit into a match when the countdown starts for the first storm phase. At this point, if you look at your map you will see Capsules flying in. From here they work similarly to Supply Drops, but they are falling at an angle.

Capsules Falling on Map

You’ll be able to see one that landed from a medium distance as they will have an orange beam pointing skyward.

Fortnite Capsule Location Beam

How to Open Dragon Ball Capsules

The capsules float and will be at eye level with you upon landing. Between that and the loot beam, you will have no problem finding them. However, neither will any opponents, so it’s best to be very quick.

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From here you just need to approach it and press the button shown on the screen, exactly the same way you’d open a chest or a Supply Drop.

Capsule Corp Capsule

Each Capsule contains a Nimbus Cloud and one Kamehameha.

That is everything you need to know when it comes to where to find and open Capsule Corp Capsules in Fortnite. Opening these is needed for one of the Dragon Ball x Fortnite challenges, so you will likely be doing this a few times. Said challenges are the only way to earn the awesome (and free) Dragon Ball x Fortnite Cosmetics.

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