Where to find Apples in Genshin Impact – All Locations

Here is our guide to finding all the locations of Apples in Genshin Impact. Farm them for some food recipes and special event rewards.

Apples are a useful resource in Genshin Impact, as they are required to complete several challenges and restore 300 health when ingested. They are also ingredients in various recipes, and they are now useful in completing bundles for the Marvelous Merchandise Event. Fortunately, Apples are common in Genshin Impact. The following guide shows you where to find Apples and how to use them.

Marvelous Merchandise Event

Genshin Impact has confirmed the return of the Marvelous Merchandise, a popular regular event. This is an event where players can earn fantastic rewards just by trading basic resources.

On the first day of the Liben Daily Commission, players must exchange Apples, Fowl, and Sweet Flowers for Box o’ Marvels rewards. Players can earn the following rewards simply by exchanging a few resources:

  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Talent Level-up Material
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Mystic Enhancement Ores

Genshin Impact Apple Locations

Here is a list of all the farming locations for apples in Gnshin Impact. You can exchange them for rewards and make recipes.

Stormbearer Mountains Apple Locations
Stormbearer Mountains Apple Locations

Stormbearer Mountains

Travelers can teleport to Stormbearer Mountain Waypoint and go in to different directions to find apples. Head northwest to see a Cuihua Tree with apples blooming on it. Return to the waypoint and continue north until players reach another Cuihua Tree with several apples nearby.

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Return to the waypoint after collecting the dropped apples as well as the ones growing on the Cuihua Tree. Continue west until you locate a Cuihua tree near Cider Lake and gather the apples from that tree too.

Guili Plains

For the next apple tree, you’ll need to teleport to Guili Plains. Once teleported, proceed to your right, over the hills, to find a wooden bridge. You’ll notice an apple tree on your right immediately after crossing the bridge. There are three apples on the grass and three on the tree.

Qingce Village

A shrine with an altar can be found near the Western Teleport Waypoint in Qingce Village. Climb the hill to find 5 apples that can be picked here. Apples are largely found in Mondstadt, with some spreading towards Liyue. They can also be found at investigation spots at random in baskets, shelves, and crates.

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