Where to Farm Trees in Lost Ark

We’ve compiled a list of the best logging spots in Lost Ark!

Lost Ark
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Logging is one of six trade skills players can take up in Lost Ark, and arguably, the most valuable. Sure, you need fishing and hunting to eat and mining to obtain other valuable resources but collecting wood can provide various benefits. From upgrading your fortress to building different shipping materials. Of course, the first step in the logging process is locating the wood.

In this guide, we will break down where to farm trees in Lost Ark.

Where to Farm Trees in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, trees can be chopped down to collect wood. While you’re likely to encounter several trees by chance throughout your journey, there are a few places, in particular, that are more fruitful than others.

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Here are the three best places to farm trees in Lost Ark;

  1. Bilbrin Forest – Bilbrin Forest is the best place to farm trees in Lost Ark for players who have yet to unlock their ship. Throughout the region, you will find plenty of arbor trees as well as varying qualities of timber. All of which spawn quickly, meaning you can do laps of the forest and continue to get timber until your trade skill energy depletes. There are also tons of hunting targets in this area that can provide meat for cooking or crafting materials in animal hides and leather.
  2. Giant Mushroom Island – The next spot you should look to farm trees in Lost Ark is the Giant Mushroom Island. Which will offer far more variety of trees in greater amounts. However, you will first need to have a ship in order to travel to the island. You must also have at least a Level 10 in the Lumberjack trade skill, otherwise, you won’t be able to farm any of the bigger trees in this area.
  3. Panda Island – Lastly, we’ve got Panda Island. Which, similar to Giant Mushroom Island, is home to thousands of different trees just waiting to be farmed. Also, the trees on both of these islands spawn rapidly, so, you can farm as much as possible until your trade skill energy runs out. Although, the same rules apply in that you will need a ship and be at least a Level 10 in Lumberjacking.
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That’s everything you need to know about where to farm trees in Lost Ark. If you’re interested in more Lost Ark content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find information like where to get basic timber to upgrade ships or the 7 best ways to get gold in Lost Ark.

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