WhatsApp Plus APK v2.22.19.11 Download (Anti-Ban)

If you love WhatsApp Plus APK very much, then you are going to get the link of this app in this post, by which you will easily download it to your Android device and Will also install it, WAP app is a very popular application, which has been released with many features in it. If you want to appear offline even when you are online, then definitely use this app and read the post below to know more about its features.

WhatsApp Plus

On this page, we are sharing the link to download the latest version v16.1.0 of Whatsapp Plus (WAP app) in this post. You should download on your Android device and install it with one click; it is a viral WhatsApp app, in which you will be able to use unlimited privacy. In today’s time, everyone has two to three WhatsApp accounts, that’s why plus can open an account separately inside the WhatsApp app. which is different from the official app. 

We will get unlimited features if you have a lot of SMSes, you can turn on Airplane mode. Through which no message will come on your device. Likewise, we will keep moving forward, and you will keep mentioning all the features of this app in this post, and you have to follow those features and follow what the use of WA is. I will be able to do it.

WhatsApp Plus APK

If you have never used WAP, I believe you must use it once, because you have used a simple app, in which you do not get the features that the developer of this Whatsapp Plus APK has created, If you use it once, you will get all the hidden features in front of you. You will be able to protect your data.

Whatsapp Plus is a third-party application, which its developer has given a massive amount of by customizing its features and it is being used over 4 billion worldwide. If you buy any smartphone in the 2021 year, your device will already get the WhatsApp app, because the WhatsApp company has installed the app by paying the owner of Android.

It has been named WAP in the name of the very app, which GV is running on very trending today because instead of that, its developers are very There is Mandate. By copying the official app, it adds a lot of features together, which makes a similar type of app and makes four times the features available separately.

If you want to get information about its latest features, then read the paragraph below carefully, it contains all the newest WAP App features: How to use it and what is it? It has given me complete information about it and has also told me how to download and install it on an Android device. If you want to get full details about it, then please see the below paragraph.

What is WhatsApp Plus APK

If you want to know Whatsapp Plus APK, So I will tell you, that this app has been modified by our great developer and launched a Whatsapp Plus app, which has added many features. You can choose the eternal fame of the injured and hide the status or typing or photos, likewise, many features have been added, which we will show below all the futures of this app, read them carefully.

If you use WAP, you won’t have to face any problems because its developer usually solved all of the issues in advance. Have, but keep in mind that the update of this app comes very soon, the update will continue to go within about one month, if any update comes, the notification will come inside your WAP App. So from there, you can make direct updates or update this app with the latest version through our website.

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The happiest thing is that you will install WAP on your Android device without root and efficiently use all its features if you do not know the meaning of the if mod version. Then the mod version is created by modifying an official app, which is called the mod version.

WhatsApp Plus APK Features

Now you will be able to get all the information related to the direct WhatsApp Plus Apk and this information is critical. If you want to get all the information related to this app, then read this post till the last, because I will give you useful information about all the features of this app, which I hope you must Will understand and will use this app as well.

1. Auto Reply and DND

If you are a businessman, then these features can be very helpful for you, because you can message and set up a time for your dear friends or business at any time by using the auto-reply features.

Must also use DND. This means that if you are getting more messages on WhatsApp, due to which you are getting very upset, then you can disable this option. In which no message will come on your smartphone unless you have enabled it.

2. Text Message Broadcast and Filter Messages

If you are very upset with sending messages, who can select only three to four people and you are thinking that we can send messages to 256 people, then this option will be best for you, because 256 members But by forming a group, you can send a single message with them, which will reach everyone.

It also has the best features in this WAP, which keeps filtering all your messages and talking to your friends, then easily filters their messages and also deleted messages.

3. Anti-Revoke Message and Revoke Multiple Messages

Anti revoke message has many good features, which can be typed many times with one click through these features. Meaning that by writing 3 to 4 words, you can receive up to 1000 messages.

4. Share

This option is also going to be very helpful, such as if you are traveling on a train or bus or traveling in your car, you can share your location live location, through which your family or your friend will get the news immediately.

You are talking to your friends or relatives on a chat, you have shared any type of data and you are thinking that you would like to share on other platforms, then you do not need to panic, type on it and share You can click on the button and share it on any platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can easily share it on social media platforms.

5. Send

If you want to send unlimited data through Whatsapp Plus, then this cannot be done. Because plus can send more than 120 images inside the WhatsApp app and in addition, can send video clips up to 70MB and if you talk about audio, you can send audio clips up to 140MB.

6. Download Speed

If you have ever used official WhatsApp, you cannot download WA status in it. But inside this WAP App you will be able to download the status and with 1 click the status will be downloaded within 1 second and any video on your smartphone comes on WA App, so it is very successful to download WAP. So, use it once and try its download speed.

7. Unlimited Theme and Emoji

While using the WAP APP, if you are thinking that we can change the theme, then you just go to the Direct Settings and click on the Theme option and there is an unlimited free theme, choose a theme and set it up.

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The best thing about it is, that you can upload your theme and set it up.

You can also use emojis, it is free, you can use any emoji, share it with your friends or relatives, upload your emoji and share it.

8. Hide Last Seen

When you chat by messaging with any friend, you can hide the last scene from that friend, meaning that if you enable this setting, then your friend will not know whether you have seen this message or not. have seen it. Such as blue tick, second tick, typing status, etc. can be hidden and many facilities have been provided.

9. Languages

Which country are you from, which language do you know, and which country you are from, you can choose that language in this app. Meaning that I am from India, so I can choose the Hindi language and can run Whatsapp Plus in the Hindi language. It supports more than 100 languages ​​on WhatsApp.

10. Security

If you want to protect your WhatsApp, you can lock it. Such as can enable pattern lock and fingerprint lock, which will keep your account secure and any of your s.m.s. Will not be able to see, whatever data is there, it will be safe.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus APK for Android

Whatsapp plus apk download the latest version: – According to this keyword, we will tell you how to download this app. If you have never downloaded an APK file on your Android device or downloaded it through any problematic website, you will be anxious about how to download Whatsapp Plus app.

  1. Now you do not have to worry; we will tell you the easy way to download this app straightforwardly, which you can easily download and follow on your Android device.
  2. To download this app, you will see the download button below, click on it.
  3. As soon as you click that button, it will take you to another page.
  4. You will get this last page, on which will write the download button, click on that button, and the director plus will be able to download the WhatsApp APK.
  5. It may take 2 to 4 minutes to download, so wait for some time.
  6. Hope this app has been downloaded to your device, now follow the below method to install it

How to Install Whatsapp Plus App on Android

It is a simple APK file, as it is elementary to install. If you have not installed any APK file on the Android device, then today you will be able to install WhatsApp Plus App on your Android device easily, only you have to follow the steps given below.

  • The first thing to do is to download the Whatsapp Plus APK file above.
  • When fully downloaded, you have to open your smartphone’s settings, in which you have to click on security, then enable the unknown source.

  • Now you have to go to your smartphone’s file manager and click on the file that you have downloaded and install.
  • Note that APK files may take some time to install, so you have to wait.
  • You can create a WA account with your mobile number; all you have to do is add the mobile number and verify the account through OTP.
  • Hopefully, will successfully create your account, now you have to set up your profile, and quickly set up the photo you want to put on the face and your business name You can also add and get all the settings quickly.
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Requirements to install Whatsapp Plus App on Android Device

  1. It is imperative to have version 4.0 or above on Android devices to install this Whatsapp Plus.
  2. It is crucial to have an internet connection on your device, use wifi, or use your smartphone’s sim network.
  3. If you have already used the official WA, which you want to get back to the old chat, then install it and upload your backup.

See Full Review of Whatsapp Plus App on YouTube

If you want to watch the Whatsapp Plus app live, you can watch the video below, which shows all the settings in that video and the theme, so do check it out.

WhatsApp Plus APK FAQs

It is a messenger that is popular worldwide. From 2017 – 2018, the WhatsApp Plus APK is gaining immense popularity and has become very popular in 2021, 60% of the people have Whatsapp Plus app on Android devices. Installed, people taking the most benefit of this app, if you have to take advantage of it, then definitely use it once.

But as fast as WAP users are growing, the faster people keep asking some questions about this app, and we reply to them via comment. We will tell you below, what are some questions that we will also tell you their answers to. If you have any questions, we can ask through comments, which we will surely reply to you within 24 hours.

Q1. Is this WAP APK safe on Android devices?

Answer: Yes! It is 100% safe. Do use it on this Android device and get its latest features. Within this WhatsApp, you will get unlimited features, which will keep all the data of your WhatsApp safe.

Q2. Can I use both Whatsapp Plus and official WhatsApp on my Android device?

Answer: Yes, absolutely can. You can use two WhatsApp on your phone and otherwise also use any mod WA; there is no limit given.

Q3. How to download Whatsapp Plus on Android and iOS devices?

Answer: Downloading it is also very simple, as soon as we have provided you with complete information in the beginning, how to download it. If you have an Android device, you can download it from above and use the iOS device, then we have given the downloading link for this too, which can be downloaded by the link on which will write the iOS device.

Q4. Will I be able to install this app without root?

Answer: Yes, you will be able to install this app on your Android device without root. You can download it directly and install it, and there will be no problem. If you face any problems, then do ask us in the comment below.

Q5. How to Unban WAP App?

Answer: Now you do not need to worry because its developer has released an anti-ban to the WA App of plus, through which you will never be banned from WhatsApp, and you will be able to use WA without a ban. If there is any problem in the future, then you can tell by joining our Telegram Group. We will help you.


If you have read this post in its entirety, then you must have gotten acquainted with the full features of Whatsapp Plus APK and have got complete information about this app. If you want to update the latest version every month, then definitely visit this website. You will get a link to the newest version, through which you will be able to update WAP on your Android device.

If you like this post very much, then share it with your friends, and by joining our Telegram Group, please tell us your problem. Thank you..!

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