What the Max Level Cap Is in Saints Row Reboot


The Saints Row max level cap, explained!

The max level cap in Saints Row actually isn’t quite as high as you might have initially expected it to be. For an open-world game, filled with various side quests and criminal activities to complete on your rise to the top of the seedy underbelly of Santo Ileso, there are not actually all that many levels to climb.

Saints Row Max Level Cap Explained

The maximum level you can reach in Saints Row is level 20. Once you hit level 20, you won’t be able to level up your character any further, and there are no further weapons, skills, or vehicles that you won’t already have unlocked on your ventures around Santo Ilesto.

Tips to Reach the Level Cap Quickly

We’ve got a full breakdown on how to level up fast in Saints Row, but we’ve summarized the best ways to earn XP quickly so you can hit the level cap as soon as possible below:

  • Complete Main Missions – Main missions are the best way to earn large chunks of XP and level up quickly. They don’t take too long but also provide the most entertaining gameplay.
  • Complete Wanted Missions and Collect Drug Pallets – Wanted Missions are a kind of side mission you can complete around Santo Ileso, whereas the Drug Pallets are a collectible that net you a small amount of cash and XP each time you grab one. There are 125 in total for you to find, so best get searching!
  • Set Up Criminal Ventures – Criminal Ventures primarily net you a huge amount of cash on an hourly basis — especially when you’ve unlocked them all — but they’ll also get you a little chunk of XP each time one is purchased.
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That’s everything you need to know about the Saints Row Reboot max level cap. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to check out our guides on the preload and unlock times, how to create your character early, and our full Saints Row review. We’ve got more handy guides for you below.

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