What Stages to Farm, What to Buy First, & More

If you’re looking for a complete breakdown of the new Bloody Hunt event in Dislyte, we’ve got you covered on that front.

In this guide, we’ll go over all of the different systems that you can use to your advantage in the event, as well as the stages that you should farm for maximum efficiency.

How to Start the Bloody Hunt Event in Dislyte

First things first, make sure Dislyte is properly updated, then launch the game. On the main menu, tap on the top billboard with Zora‘s face on it, and you’ll be taken to the Bloody Hunt event page.

dislyte main screen

This is where you’ll be able to access the event stages, the event shop, as well as the Boosts and Commisions. Do note that while stages 1 and 2 are available now, stage 3 won’t go live until a week later. So for now, just complete all of the battles in the first two stages to nab all your rewards, and then you’ll be ready to start farming.

Which Stages to Farm in Bloody Hunt

As always, you’ll definitely want to try to farm the highest level battles in the event to maximize your currency gains. In Bloody Hunt, you’ll be farming for Basic Honor Badges, which is the event currency used to purchase items in the shop.

dislyte miramon raid 6

We definitely recommend farming Miramon Raid 6, as that will give you 50 Basic Honor Badges at 10 stamina spent for each run. You’ll also be getting tons of gold and random Relics for your efforts, so pop some stamina refreshes, start farming Miramon Raid 6, and leave the game alone for a while.

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If you’re unable to farm Raid 6, we’d recommend farming Raid 4 instead of 5. Raid 4 will only consume 9 stamina per run while giving you 40 Basic Honor Badges, and that will prove to be a little more efficient than farming 5 in the long run.

Boosts and Commissions

Dislyte’s Bloody Hunt event also comes with Boosts and Commissons. Commissions are pretty self-explanatory; basically, you’ll earn Basic Merit Badges as you complete objectives in the event. The objectives themselves are also very simple, and usually just involve you killing a certain number of enemies, clearing all stages, and collecting Basic Merit Badges along the way.

dislyte merit level

As you complete these objectives, you get more Basic Merit Badges, which will then increase your Merit Level. And as your Merit Level increases, the idle rewards you get in the event also get a bit more plentiful. With this event, you’ll be able to claim a set number of Basic Merit Badges and Boost Crystals every hour, and that number increases as your Merit Level goes up.

Essentially, you’ll want to keep increasing your Merit Level so that you can get more currency and Boosters.

Speaking of Boost Crystals, these are a special type of resource designed to help make the event a little easier to farm. By tapping on the Boost option on the Event page, you can spend your Boost Crystals to unlock special abilities that will strengthen your team.

power boost in dislyte

For instance, some nodes increase your C. Rate, while others lower your damage taken and give you lifesteal. The more Boost Crystals you have, the more nodes you can unlock, and this will strengthen your team while you’re farming event stages.

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This means that even if you’re a fairly low level player and can’t farm the highest stages yet, the Boost system should eventually give you enough of an advantage to clear all the stages reliably.

What to Buy First at the Event Shop

Finally, once you’ve accrued enough currency, you can start purchasing items in the event shop. Do note that the Elite Merit Shop will only become available a week after the event goes live, so just focus on farming your Basic Merit Badges in the meantime.

aurelius in dislyte

We definitely recommend grabbing Ullr first, as he’s one of the new Epic Espers that’s just been added to the game. Being able to grab a 4-star Esper for free in Dislyte is pretty huge, especially for F2P players. Here’s the priority list for what you should get in both shops:

  1. Aurelius (Ullr) – 3,500 Basic Merit Badges
  2. Gold Record – 400 Basic Merit Badges
  3. Flow Record – 500 Basic Merit Badges
  4. Epic Abilimon – 200 Basic Merit Badges
  5. Relic Bonus (2H) – 400 Basic Merit Badges
  6. Story Voucher – 120 Basic Merit Badges
  7. Hunter’s Blindbox – Divinity – 100 Basic Merit Badges
  8. Epic Starimon – 200 Basic Merit Badges

Honestly, once you’ve grabbed Aurelius and the Records, the rest of the items really aren’t that necessary if you’ve been playing Dislyte for a while. But, of course, we recommend clearing out the shop if you’re a new player.

And here’s the priority list for the Elite Merit Shop:

  1. Legendary Abilimon – 1,500 Elite Merit Badges
  2. Gold Record- 400 Elite Merit Badges
  3. Flow Record – 500 Elite Merit Badges
  4. Legendary Starimon – 1,500 Elite Merit Badges
  5. Story Voucher – 120 Elite Merit Badges
  6. Hunter’s Blindbox – Divinity – 100 Elite Merit Badges
  7. Bloody Hunt Profile Card – 1,000 Elite Merit Badges
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The items here are ranked in terms of usefulness, and while I’ve listed the Bloody Hunt card as the least useful item here, it’s worth noting that this is a limited cosmetic item that will go away once the event ends. If you care about collecting event-exclusive stuff, definitely go for the profile card, but don’t neglect that Legendary Abilimon.

That does it for our Dislyte Bloody Hunt event guide. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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