What is the Warzone Season 5 Update Size for PC & Consoles? Answered


How much space do you need for the latest Season 5 update?

With the huge Season 5: Last Stand update now live, players are now finally beginning to experience an entirely new era in Call of Duty’s battle royale, Warzone, and core multiplayer suite, Vanguard. Of course, Call of Duty is largely synonymous with massive file sizes that love to eat up all your valuable storage space.

With that in mind, then, one question that is on everybody’s lips is: What is the Warzone Season 5 update size for PC and consoles? Thankfully, we’ve got your back as in this guide as we’ll answer that very specific question. So, without further delay, let’s get started, shall we?

Warzone Season 5 Update File Sizes

Fortunately, it looks like the latest Season 5 update won’t be too big, but it’s still pretty hefty:

Warzone Season 5 PC File Size

The PC version weighs in at 12.6 GB (Call of Duty: Warzone on its own) or 13.4 GB (Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare together

Warzone Season 5 PlayStation 5 File Size

The PS5 version weighs in at 10.0 GB.

Warzone Season 5 PlayStation 4 File Size

The PS4 version weighs in at 10.0 GB.

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Warzone Season 5 Xbox Series X|S File Size

The Xbox Series X|S version weighs in at 9.9 GB.

Warzone Season 5 Xbox One File Size

The Xbox One version weighs in at 9.9 GB.

So, there you have it. We hope this helped to clue you in on what is the Warzone Season 5 update size for PC and consoles. For more on the game, check out Season 5’s full patch notes, as well as a guide on how to unlock Raul Menandez. And as always, keep it locked at Twinfinite for all your gaming and entertainment needs.

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