What Is the Name of the Law Firm She-Hulk Works For?


A guide that explains the law firm that employs Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk.

Bruce made it clear Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) that being a Hulk would bring unwanted baggage, and he was right. Soon after her transformation in the premiere episode, in an effort to prevent Titania from causing more harm, Jennifer Walters is fired. She tries and tries to get a new job, but one wants to hire She-Hulk; it’s too much of a risk. On one fateful night at the bar, someone throws her a bone and she’s back in the lawyer business. So, what is the name of the law firm She-Hulk works for?

What Law Firm Does She-Hulk Work At?

She-Hulk, as of Episode 2, works for GLK&H—an acronym for Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg, and Holliway. When Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) is offered the job to join their firm, it’s Holden Holliway doing the talking. In a twist that only lawyers would pull, it was actually Holden Holliway who originally pushed for a mistrial.

However, it comes with all kinds of strings. For starters, it’s not so much Jennifer Walters doing the lawyering, but She-Hulk. See, Holden Holliway wants to start a new division of their law firm: the Superhuman Law Division. What better way to represent the cases they take on than their very own superhero? To make matters worse, she’ll be representing Emil Blonsky (Abomination), who was ordered to kill Bruce in The Incredible Hulk (that’s canon, by the way).

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As mentioned before, GLK&H specifically wants She-Hulk on superhuman cases. These include libel, personal damages, and extraterrestrial incidences. For example, one such case was Spider-Man v. The Daily Bugle. Another was Constrictor v. Hercules, in an effort to get Hercules to pay for personal damages.

And now you know what the name of the law firm She-Hulk works for. This could be a great opportunity for the MCU to introduce new characters or, at the very least, some fun easter eggs. Can you imagine seeing Howard the Duck using GLK&H to sue George Lucas? For more on She-Hulk, jump into the discussion of She-Hulk’s strength compared to Hulk.

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