What Is the Level Cap in Tower of Fantasy? Answered


Level gating in Tower of Fantasy is a thing, and there’s max a level as well.

As is typical in most RPGs, developer Perfect World’s latest open-world game has a leveling system, and there’s a hard level cap that can’t be pushed past once you reach it. The system does, however, work slightly differently in that there’s actually a soft cap each day as well. Here’s what the level cap in Tower of Fantasy is if you’re confused.

What Is the Level Cap in Tower of Fantasy? Answered

The absolutely maximum level that can be obtained in Tower of Fantasy is 70. Even if you’ve been grinding the game since it came out, though, you shouldn’t be anywhere near hitting that cap. And yet, players are finding that they can’t progress past a certain point even on their first day of playing. So, what gives?

Well, Tower of Fantasy uses a system called level gating to limit how much players can progress each day (the server resets every day). If you’ve just started playing the game and have suddenly hit a wall at Level 18, that’s why. But the number of levels you can progress each day actually changes the higher up you go.

Here’s a full overview so that it won’t take you by surprise again:

Day 1 Level 18
Day 2 Level 24
Day 3 Level 27
Day 4 Level 30
Day 5 Level 32
Day 6 Level 34
Day 7 Level 36
Day 8 Level 38
Day 9 Level 40
Day 11 Level 42
Day 13 Level 44
Day 15 Level 46
Day 17 Level 47
Day 19 Level 48
Day 21 Level 49
Day 23 Level 50
Day 25 Level 51
Day27 Level 52
Day 29 Level 53
Day 31 Level 54
Day 34 Level 55
Day 37 Level 56
Day 40 Level 57
Day 43 Level 58
Day46 Level 59
Day 49 Level 60
Day 52 Level 61
Day56 Level 62
Day 60 Level 63
Day 64 Level 64
Day 68 Level 65
Day 72 Level 66
Day 76 Level 67
Day 80 Level 68
Day 84 Level 69
Day 88 Level 70

That should give you everything you need to know about whether there is a level cap in Tower of Fantasy. For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite or check out some of the related content listed below.

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