What Is Minecraft Preview?


Become a tester for the game in Minecraft Preview.

With so many variations of Minecraft, it may be challenging to keep track of the ongoing updates and newest installments. One aspect, in particular, is the Minecraft Preview, the latest system added to the popular game. If you are curious about this specific tool, we’ll tell you what the program is and how to install it.

What Is Minecraft Preview? Answered

Minecraft Preview is a modernized version of the Bedrock Beta program for the game. As the system progresses, its primary goal is to increase platform compatibilities and allow players to test new features using a different app/game.

While the Bedrock Beta has certain restrictions, including its limitations of a select few platforms (Xbox, Windows, and Android), Minecraft Preview expands gameplay by letting you play the Beta and the released version on the same device or console. In addition, the latest program has integrated with consoles, such as iOS, Xbox, and Windows 10/11, with a mission to add more in the future, including the Minecraft Launcher.

Once everything is up and running for the Minecraft Preview, the Beta will no longer be available; however, players can still interact with the older program until it finally retires.

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How to Install Minecraft Preview

Because everyone plays Minecraft on different platforms and devices, you can partake in the Preview version in various ways. Here are the confirmed methods available for iOS, Windows, and Xbox.

iOS Method

iOS users who want to participate in Minecraft Preview must go to Apple’s app testing site and sign up for it there. Since the game is highly popular, open spots are minimal and often result in the Beta being full.

Windows & Xbox Method

If you already have the Xbox Game Pass/Ultimate or the Bedrock version on PC, you can install the Minecraft Preview on the Xbox tab of the Microsoft Store. Unfortunately, some players have noted some issues with this option, so you may have to refresh the page for the ‘Install’ button to appear. Moreover, those still experiencing issues can report a bug or glitch in Minecraft’s Help Center.

You can also go to this direct link to the Minecraft Store, and the installation of the latest program should be there. Alternatively, Game Pass subscribers can search for ‘Minecraft Preview’ on the GAME PASS Section of the Xbox application or on the platform itself.

Now that you know what the Minecraft Preview is, you can anticipate seeing more of its progress in later updates. While you’re here, you can test your knowledge of the game with this tricky Minecraft trivia quiz. Be sure to explore any of the relevant links below for additional content.

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