What Is Contest Mode in Destiny 2? Answered


Breaking down what Contest Mode is and how it impacts the day 1 raid experience!

After almost six years and many rumors, King’s Fall has returned to Destiny 2. Retooled and reworked to match the state of Destiny after such an extended absence, Guardians will travel into the Ascendant Realm to defeat the Taken King Oryx once and for all. As with any raid, new, or returning favorite, teams worldwide race to see who can complete the activity first, although with a particular modifier attached. Contest Mode is the standard modifier attached to any raid on day one, and in case you’ve never heard of it, here’s what you have to know on what exactly Contest Mode is.

Destiny 2 Contest Mode

destiny 2 king's fall contest mode
Image Source: Bungie

Contest Mode is the standard modifier any raid launches with in order to create an equal playing field on day one. As a new raid enters Destiny 2, teams around the world race against time to complete the activity.

To create an even playing field, Bungie activates the Contest Mode modifier to restrict power level and loadouts so that the best team wins, not the team who “cheeses” a boss with the most powerful arsenal. For example, with Contest Mode on, the raid will drop your power by 20 levels and will turn off the ability to use certain weapons as well as some armor pieces to ensure fairness.

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This modifier stays active for 24 hours after a raid enters the game. After 24 hours, the modifier turns off, and teams can enter said raid without restrictions to power level and loadout.

That is everything you need to know about what Contest Mode is in Destiny 2. Bungie has been hard at work keeping Destiny fans excited for the future of the shooter, so be sure to check out the announcement of the upcoming Lightfall expansion. While you wait for Lightfall, be sure to check out everything new with Season 18 of Destiny 2, such as the new exotics and all the rewards in the new season battle pass.

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