What Happened With Zach And Matt Roloff? Everything About LPBW Zach Roloff and Matt Roloff Feud

‘LPBW’ Zach Roloff And Matt Roloff

Since Zach was a young child, viewers have watched him and his father, Matt Roloff, on TLC’s Little People, Big World. However, Zach is now  married and the father of three children.  Though most people are aware that families typically experience ups and downs, might a recent argument between Matt and Zach permanently break their relationship?

What happened between Zach Roloff and Matt, and was there any chance of a reconciliation? Read everything you wanted to know about What Happened With Zach And Matt Roloff?

What Happened With Zach And Matt Roloff?

Zach had previously worked alongside his father on the Roloff Farms throughout his childhood life. The farms came to dominate the TLC programme and have recently become a source of conflict between relatives. Matt Roloff made the decision to sell his share of the property when he and his wife Amy Roloff were divorced. Zach was interested in buying the farm’s north end, which was where the castle, a forest, and a “cowboy village” were located.

Zach, however, rejected Matt’s offer to sell him just the section for a high sum. Zach and his wife, Tori, chose to relocate to Oregon because they and Matt were unable to come to an agreement on the land.

Zach claimed to E! News in May 2024 that relations between the family members were “all okay,” but watchers of the show are unsure if this is indeed the truth.

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Little People, Big World What Happened Between Matt Roloff And Zach Roloff?

In a clip from a Little People, Big World episode that aired on June 7, 2024, Matt makes an effort to move on by presenting a lawnmower as a kind of peace. Matt claims in one confessional, “Perhaps the lawnmower can start the process of saying, “Hey! Let’s move on.”

Zach, though, expresses a different viewpoint in his own confessional, “Although it’s good that my dad delivered the lawnmower, the two of us are still on bad terms. It’s different from how it was.”

Zach also explains why this fight even if there have been others between father and son before is so important. He claims, “Just at this point in my life, it’s like, “No! I won’t simply turn around once more. It will not be the same.” Zach had previously expressed his upset feelings over feeling that his father was telling him he wasn’t competent or good enough to run the north end of the property.

What Happened With Zach And Matt Roloff By The End Of The Episode?

By the end of the episode, things have improved, and Zach takes Matt on a tour of his brand-new home in Washington. Matt acknowledges that he is pleased with his son for coming up with something entirely on his own, noting, “I couldn’t help but hear his voice vibrate with joy. It brought back the thrill I felt when I first began constructing the farm 30 years ago.”

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Hopefully, Matt’s visit to Zach will signal the start of their relationship’s much-needed restoration. To find out what occurs, viewers will have to keep watching.

Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST, new episodes of Little People, Big World are broadcasted on TLC or on Discovery Plus.

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