What Happened To Zhou Guanyu? Who Caused Zhou Guanyu Crash?

Who Is Zhou Guanyu?

Zhou Guanyu is a Chinese-based racing driver who was born on May 30, 1999. Zhou Guanyu is currently 23 and competes in Formula One for ALFA Romea. He is notable for being the first Chinese member to compete in F1. He served as a test driver for Alpine F1 Team and the Renault F1 Team in 2021 and 2020, respectively. Also, he was a member of the Ferrari Driver Academy during 2014-2018. Recently the Chinese driver was involved in a car crash, later he revealed he is fine.

What Happened To Zhou Guanyu?

Zhou Guanyu recently got involved in a horrific accident at the 2023 British Grand Prix the previous weekend. Zhou’s car crashed to the catch fencing when AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly shifted the rear tire of Russell’s Mercedes, which resulted in the British racer colliding with Alfa Romeo. This is one of the most severe car crash incidents ever happened on the asphalt in recent days. Even after the collision, Zhou Guanyu is reported to be entirely alright.

What Happened To Zhou Guanyu F1 Accident?

After the collision Guanyu’s car flipped and collapsed upside down also we can see Zhou was skidding nearby the gravel and was found between the catch fencing and the tire wall. Zhou was rushed for medical care and released from the hospital once declared uninjured. George Russell rushed to check Zhou Guanyu’s health as soon as the car flipped and crashed aside. It is obvious that the British driver has shown a lot of epic journeys in all these years till this crash.

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Who Caused The Zhou Guanyu Crash?

The audience witnessed the severe flip and crash dealt by Zhou Guanyu the last weekend. However, luckily Zhou escaped from severe injuries and he’s perfectly alright. The car crash was initially triggered by Pierre Gasly. Latifui made a great start and Gasly did his best as well, but Gasly couldn’t predict the next move which resulted in the accident. The audience thinks that Before Russel moved to the left, Gasly was far away in the mirror and saying that this event is nothing but a miscalculation. Also, a few others state that this accident was Russel’s fault as well as he moved left too quickly and left no space for Gasly.

George Russell Saves Zhou Guanyu From Crash

Last Sunday Zhou Guanyu was involved in a severe crash, thankfully he isn’t injured at all. George Russell said “It was horrible, in that position he was stuck there, nothing he could have done,” George Rusell went out of his car and rushed to check if Zhou Guanyu is entirely alight, he aslo added “We need think to avoid a car being stuck in such a fine gap. The space between the barriers and the metal fence and he was just stuck in there, nowhere to go. Yeah, something to learn,” 

Zhou Guanyu Health Update

When Zhou’s car collapsed, collided, and landed upside down Russell rushed for aid. The Chinese racer is declared fit and informed that he was doing fine as Halo saved him from suffering severe injuries. The Chinese racer posted a social media update where he posted regarding his health “I’m ok, all clear. Halo saved me today. Thanks everyone for your kind messages!” Also, he concluded by thanking everyone who checked on him.

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What Happened To Zhou Guanyu?

What Happened To Zhou Guanyu F1 Accident

Who Caused The Zhou Guanyu Crash.

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